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The new Sony Bravia OLED. TV reinvented.

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“Sony’s striking new
OLED, is an absolute
belter of a telly”

Sony KD-55A1 May 2017

“Delivers an impressive combination
of design style, technological
innovation and extensive features.”

Sony KD-65A1 April 2017

“Sony’s first stab at doing a
big-screen OLED TV is the
definition of AV class”

Sony KD-55A1 May 2017

“It’s magnificent. This was my
most anticipated TV of 2017,
and I’m not disappointed.”

Sony KD-65A1 April 2017


With an OLED display that produces perfect blacks and vibrant colours that more faithfully capture real world visuals, the new
A1 BRAVIA OLED series brings together the best of Sony’s unique picture quality technologies, cutting-edge design and
engineering. Moreover, Acoustic Surface™ technology turns the screen into a speaker for the perfect harmony of picture and sound.


A purely unique design

This OLED TV is more than just beautiful. It is designed so that the stand and speakers virtually disappear. Nothing distracts from the brilliance of the picture –
the super slim bezel draws your focus in and maximises the viewing area – allowing the TV to ‘float’ and blend into your living space.

Everything else pales in contrast

Thanks to OLED’s over 8 million self-illuminating pixels the A1 series brings a significantly enriched visual experience with unprecedented black, authentic colour, blur-less image and a wide viewing angle.

Latest display technology

4K HDR Processor X1 ExtremeTM is capable of drawing out the full potential of the self-emitting OLED panel by precisely controlling every pixel and delivering our most beautiful and realistic pictures ever. It also supports the Dolby VisionTM format* so you can enjoy HDR content from a wider variety of sources.

*Dolby VisionTM support available via future firmware update

Acoustic Surface
Acoustic Surface Logo

A revolution in sound

A Sony innovation in sound technology allows for the screen itself to become the speaker. Sound travels directly toward you without the need for visible speakers. This seamless integration of sound technology delivers pure, crisp audio without compromising the purity of the TV design.

One Slate

Purity in simplicity

The A1 series pushes the TV aesthetic beyond the traditional realms of furniture and interior design. The One Slate concept condenses a given product into a single slate, giving the product a natural elegance for users to experience as a work of art in itself. The standard protocols of TV design no longer apply. To create a design capable of transforming living spaces, we knew what the design had to do: shape the TV into a work of art.

Image, sound, and look — no more, no less. Sony’s new design breaks the TV concept down into the embodiment of functional and aesthetic simplicity, creating a viewing experience like no other. The One Slate experience changes the way TVs and spaces interact.

One Slate Image

From every angle.

Stunning Image

Entertainment tailored for you

With an Android TVTM from Sony, a whole new world of entertainment is brought into your living room and with our Voice Remote function, you simply press the microphone button and tell Android TVTM what you want to watch.

AndroidTV Image


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*Dolby Vision™ support available via future firmware update

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