Panasonic TX40DX600B

TX40DX600B 40" Smart Built-In Wi-Fi Ultra HD 2160p LED TV with Freeview HD


Panasonic TX40DX600B

TX40DX600B 40" Smart Built-In Wi-Fi Ultra HD 2160p LED TV with Freeview HD

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  • PAN-TX40DX600B
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  • PAN-TX40DX600B
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  • PAN-TX40DX600B
  • PAN-TX40DX600B
  • PAN-TX40DX600B
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The Panasonic TX40DX600 delivers the latest in Ultra HD picture quality, with its 3840 x 2160 resolution, it makes pictures look so detailed and pristine that you feel like you are looking at the real world through a window rather than watching TV. With Panasonic's high brightness and high colour space panels combined with the powerful quad core powered picture engine, every ounce of detail of the 4k image is displayed for a simply stunning picture quality.

The quad core processor found in the DX600 can analyse and process both image and smart functionality. This processor, which is found only at the highest level of the TV industry, will execute multiple processes simultaneously and quickly, for a dramatic improvement in processing performance. It also enables smooth operation of internet video playback and the start-up and use of apps.

Freeview Play
Freeview play makes it simple to use catch-up TV, you will find all your programmes from BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4 and My5 all in one place, tied in with the built in Freeview HD, just load up your TV guide and scroll back to find all the catch up from the last 7 days, as long as your TV is connected to the internet (a minimum of 2Mbps is required for on demand services, this will also count towards any monthly broadband data allowance, selected programmes and channels available on demand only)

Smart Functionality

Panasonic's 2016 range of TV's bring with it the Firefox my home screen 2.0, an intuitive and flexible operating system, it is built on open standards much like the Firefox internet browser, which means you can send photos, videos or other content to your Firefox OS TV from any smartphone, tablet, or computer with a Firefox browser or other compatible application.
With a simple and sleek design, Panasonic have included an adjustable pedestal so no matter what unit you choose to put the TV on, it has the flexibility to fit.

  • Energy Efficiency Class
    Graded on a Scale of A - G (A+++ being the best.)
  • Smart Tv
    Use Smart TV to access the internet, Facebook, Twitter, BBC iPlayer, YouTube etc all on your TV.
  • Wireless


  • Wireless
    Wireless access for internet apps. Stream movies, tv, shop and more! Dongle may be required.
  • 1080hd Ready
    With Full HD 1080p you receive all the benefits of the older "HD" specification as well as the able to display Blu-ray output at its native output of 24 frames per second, to creat one of the best cinematic experience for your home. With 4K Ultra HD you are able to enjoy twice the resolution of a 1080p display with 4 times the level of detail.
  • Usb Video Record Playback
    Play back your movie, TV or home videos using your USB HDD (Sold Separately).
  • Pixel Resolution
    Pixels make up your television's image and are the smallest elements of a picture. The more pixels in your picture, the better.
  • Hz


  • Hz
    The refresh rate is the number of times in a second that display changes from one frame to the next. The higher the refresh rate the smoother the picture.
  • Sound System

    2 x 10w Stereo Speakers

  • Scart Sockets
    21-pin cable connector which enables high-quality pictures and stereo sound (including Dolby Pro-Logic soundtracks) to be sent between different AV equipment.
  • Component Video Connection
    Component Video is a connection method used for delivering high quality video images.
  • Composite Video Connection
    Standard video signal used to send pictures eg from a VCR to a TV.
  • Hdmi Connection
    As the digital revolution unfolds, there's a growing need for an interface that digitally transmits signals between connected equipment. The solution is HDMI, or High-Definition Multimedia Interface. An HDMI connection digitally transmits video and audio signals with virtually no degradation or noise. This means users can experience the beauty of digital images, delivering clear, bright, high-resolution pictures that are perfect for large-screen viewing. DVD-audio signals are also digitally transmitted, delivering a brilliantly clear, dynamic sound.
  • Headphone Socket
    Allows you to connect a headphone set so you can watch TV without disturbing others.
  • Rgb Pc Input
    Input that accepts computer signals broken down into Red, Green, Blue, minimising interference.
  • Wall Mountable
    VESA-Standard or Video Electronics Standards Association is a perfect template for hole spacing (screw holes) in flat screens. So providing your wall bracket is also VESA standard, hanging your TV on the wall, for example, is a simple process without the frustration of drilling the holes incorrectly and in the wrong place. The wall bracket can be purchased as an additional product.
  • Additional Features

    Adjustable Pedestal

  • Dimensions

    H:573mm x W:904mm x D:364mm

  • 3dtv
    3D imaging is any technique capable of recording 3-dimensional visual information or creating the illusion of depth in an image. 3DTV operates by very rapidly alternating images between the left eye and the right eye using 3D glasses giving you the depth of field required for 3D.
  • Freeview/freeview Hd
    Having an integrated Digital Freeview Tuner means that your TV has a built in receiver that will give you access to many more channels without the need to have any additional hardware, such as a Freeview box. In 2007, the government began switching UK broadcasting to digital, so if your TV doesn't have an integrated digital tuner feature you wont be able to view any channel without buying the additional hardware. Built-in Freeview HD is the easiest way to enjoy terrestrial HD broadcast for free. You can also access up to 50 standard definition digital TV channels and 24 radio stations. No subscription, no contract, no fuss.
  • Freeview Play
    Freeview Play unites catch-up TV, on-demand services and live television to make watching what you want, when you want as easy as possible.
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