Review: Altimo MMW702W Compact Microwave

Altimo Compact Microwave

These days, convenience in the Kitchen is an absolute must, and microwaves are now regarded as a cooking essential! Keeping this in mind, the Altimo MMW702 Compact Microwave is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Available in black, white or silver, this handy appliance has a simple and stylish design to suit any home.

It’s safe to say that, due to our busy schedules, the ability to quickly heat up something to eat or drink that requires minimum fuss (and washing up) is very essential for the majority of us that are constantly on the go. Until relatively recently, the technology of the microwave had not really moved on that much until the professional, commercial models on the more expensive side of the market became equipped with a futuristic new function of stirrer technology. This removed the need for a turntable and made cooking in a microwave a much smoother process.

The turntable in any microwave has always been a bit of a faff to say the least, lining the platter up on its pivot so it spins, ensuring that the ring is lined up to prevent it from catching, it’s no wonder that some users deemed them more hassle than they were worth! Said simply, the microwave turntable had oddly outstayed its welcome for this day and age, which is why the Altimo MMW702 with its genius stirrer technology is a welcome addition to the Altimo range.

This compact, 700W appliance is perfect for those who are short on space, measuring at just 45.1cm wide and 35.3cm deep, it takes up very little counter space whilst still providing a generous 20L capacity. With a twisting manual timer and heat level control, the MMW702 is very easy for the whole family to use and, with its stirrer technology, you can effortlessly wipe up any spills without needing to clean numerous components.

Effortless to maintain, the Altimo MMW702W Compact Microwave is currently priced at just £49.99 to suit every budget. If you would like to find out more about this great appliance, please check the product page for further details including full specifications.

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