Review: Beko B5W5941AG 9kg AquaTech Washing Machine

Beko Aquatech Washing Machine Review

Autumn is finally here and Beko is giving your laundry a much-needed helping hand. Say goodbye to mud and stains with the Beko B5W5941AG AquaTech Washing Machine. Packed full of tech, we know that everyone can appreciate the power this laundry appliance has to offer.

Providing the ultimate care your clothing needs to last, this washing machine features Beko’s own AquaTech technology which uses the movement of water to replace rough drum movements. This gives you a quicker wash cycle that is gentle when you need it most – without harming its effectiveness.

Featuring a large 9kg capacity and 1400rpm spin, you can tackle the laundry pile in half the time with a full load mastered in just 28 minutes. It’s safe to say that Beko helps you work smarter, not harder, using the innovative steam setting to reduce creases and save time ironing. You can also control and monitor your washing while on the go via Bluetooth or the HomeWhiz app. This allows you to set the time you want your laundry to be finished, as well as taking the guesswork out of laundry day, with the programme wizard suggesting the best settings for your current wash load.

Answering the big question on everyone’s minds at the moment – energy usage and our impact on the environment- this appliance has an amazing A-energy rating to save money on your bills and help the planet too. Beko have even built up to 10% of the tub using high quality materials produced by recycled plastic bottles. It may be a small step towards greener appliances, but this reduces the carbon footprint of the product and provides a promising look at the future of our favourite kitchen and laundry appliances.

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