Review: Bosch WTWH7660GB 9kg Heat Pump Dryer

Bosch wtwh7660gb Dryer

There’s nothing worse than the struggle of drying the laundry in the colder months! With the heavy rain and cold weather that us Brits are all too familiar with, the Bosch WTWH7660GB Series 6 Heat Pump Dryer is the perfect solution! Help keep the rain out and your clothes dry this winter with a little helping hand from us.

Bosch guarantees great results every time thanks to its innovative self-cleaning technology. Cleaning itself up to four times per cycle, it ensures the optimum results and premium care of your garments, while still maintaining a great energy performance worthy of it’s A++ rating. This is in partial thanks to the use of a heat pump, which utilises heated air to dry your clothes effectively. This also drastically reduces the energy needed compared to alternative 9kg dryer models on the market.

Another notable energy saving feature is that of the AutoDry function. Using numerous sensors for precise monitoring, the WTWH7660GB Heat Pump Dryer constantly measures the temperature and moisture levels throughout the laundry cycle to protect your clothes from over-drying and shrinking. Other great programmes include a 120-minute anti-crease cycle, a programme specially designed for down-filled items and a quick 40’ drying setting, among many more.

Sensitive skin? Bosch have carefully developed their AllergyPlus programme to remove as much allergen residue as possible with each laundry load. This removes pollen particles, animal hair and dust mites to improve conditions for allergy sufferers and minimise skin irritation.

Take the guessing out of laundry day thanks to Bosch’s built-in smart features. As part of the Home Connect range, you can tailor each cycle to your requirements with very minimal effort on your part via the Home Connect app. Just download the app and enter the details, such as the colour and material, to get perfect results time after time. This not only reduces the damage mistakes can cause on your clothing but gives you the peace of mind you need to get on with the day. The Home Connect’s FlexStart option also enables you to choose the time you want the drying process to start to fit around your lifestyle. This is great for when you have a busy day as you can time it to work around your work schedule and fine-tune it while you are on the go.

Give your clothing the care it needs to last with this handy appliance from Bosch! Still feeling undecided? View our detailed product page here for full specifications. Don’t forget that you can also choose between our home delivery and click & collect services to enjoy your new tumble dryer that much sooner.

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