Clean Up This Spring

Spring Clean with Hughes

What a relief! Winter is nearly over and we can start to look forward to sunshine, flowers and more sociable weather. We know that with Easter approaching, it’s only natural to want to give your house a spruce up and start the big spring clean. With this is mind; we thought we would help you all get prepared via our Spring Clean event. We have offers on a variety of floor care appliances for every surface and we can’t wait to see your houses shine.

We stock a wide range of vacuum cleaners from well-trusted brands including fan favourites from Shark, Miele, Sebo and Numatic, among many more. If you don’t know where to begin, the most obvious starting point is to decide on whether you want a stick hoover or a cylinder vacuum. Although there are more design variations, these are the most popular and both have their own advantages. Stick hoovers, such as the Shark IZ201UK Anti Hair Wrap DuoClean Cordless Vacuum, tend to be cordless for ultimate portability but are often hindered by their lack of battery power. Usually supplied with only one battery (additional batteries are available for purchase separately) this will normally give you up to 30 minutes of power. Depending on the size of your house, this may not be suitable – especially when considering charging times! On the plus side, stick cleaners can also be converted into a smaller handheld version for stairs and crevices. For this reason, they generally seem to be a better pick if you want to hoover more than just general floor space.

However, when weighing up your options, the cylinder models certainly have their own merits! These include having more power than their cordless competitors and a higher dust capacity. Unfortunately, this also means that they weigh a lot more. This can make them difficult to manoeuvre around the house –  particularly when vacuuming the stairs! It goes without saying that the best way to check whether you can handle a cylinder model is to visit your nearest Hughes store to see how heavy they are in person. Of course, some models weigh more than others and there is definitely a suitable cylinder vacuum for everyone if you decide to go that route. Over recent years, Shark’s Lift Away model has grown an almost cult following but we are sure that Numatic’s “Henry” hoover will always remain a customer favourite. If these don’t appeal to you, Miele‘s range of vacuums are also worth a look. A well-trusted brand, they are known for their strong build quality and long life span.

If you suffer from allergies then you should prioritise buying a vacuum with a HEPA filter. This works to collect irritants such as pollen, dander, dust mites and tobacco smoke from surfaces. Both Miele and Shark have created models specialising in the removal of pet hair from floors and upholstery. Enjoy a spotless home in seconds with minimal effort thanks to their expert technology!

So now your floors have been hoovered, it’s time to move on to carpet cleaners and steam mops. We sell a variety of carpet cleaners from Bissell, whether you need to spot clean to remove an awkward stain or need to thoroughly scrub the floor, there is an appliance for you. There’s no better cleaner for hard surfaces than a trusty steam cleaner. Eco-friendly, pet-friendly and chemical-free, for many they simply cannot be beaten. Kill harmful bacteria in no time at all without the mess that a mop and bucket creates.

If you still want some more guidance on which floor appliance you should choose, browse our range of products in our Spring Clean event or take a look at our no-nonsense buying guides for more information. Happy shopping!