Introducing Hughes Pro – Professional Laundry Equipment

Hughes Pro Team

Hughes Pro is the new name for our commercial department, a team dedicated to the supply and support of commercial laundry and dishwashing machines to businesses and operators of on premise laundries.

Established just six years ago and formerly known as Hughes Trade, the business has grown substantially. So why the rebrand?

We’ve rebranded to Hughes Pro to better distinguish ourselves and the services we provide, and to differentiate ourselves from our sister company that continues to be called Hughes Trade (a provider of domestic electrical products to trade and business).

We have also acquired a substantial respected company in the commercial laundry sector called Armstrong with a long and proud history, of a scale that means our commercial team will move into that company (in effect we have reversed our commercial department into theirs). The new larger business is wholly owned by Hughes and is managed by Simon Quinlan, who previously looked after our Hughes Commercial operation – so it is in good hands.

Uniting two great teams means we are creating a fantastic business bristling with enthusiasm, knowledge and wherewithal. Over the months and years our commercial offering will be developed with more stock and better systems benefiting all our customers; both fellow dealers and end.

The new larger company will have two distinct arms; firstly Hughes Pro – supplying end user business customers (one of the fastest growing Miele Professional dealers in the UK). We are proud to offer Miele Professional as our lead premium brand in the 14 UK postcode areas where we provide engineering capacity and quality installations on behalf of the brand.

The other part of the business is Armstrong, distributor of Alliance products to commercial dealers. Alliance is the largest producer in the world making various well-known brands such as Primus, IPSO, Huebsch and Speed Queen in its USA and Czech Republic factories. A super specialist department, Armstrong Industrial provides and supports very heavy duty industrial equipment from manufacturers including Primus, Unimac and Lapauw with machines starting from 32kg and above up to massive tunnel washers and the enormous finishing equipment that you will find in any modern day industrial laundry around the country.

Hughes Pro exists as a quality company offering everything operators of commercial laundry and dishwashing machines need: sales and rental, repair, servicing and maintenance – all undertaken by fully trained and skilled engineers. It is very wise to use the correct tool for any job and commercial laundry and dishwashing is no exception. Products are designed and manufactured to serve properly and safely under stressful conditions, for example Miele dishwashers can cycle in just three minutes and tumblers are intended to give 40,000 cycle workloads – flat out for years. Like a high-quality car, with the correct servicing and care they will do that all day long.

If you have a need for commercial laundry or dishwashing machines in your business, we’d love to help and can be contacted on 0800 052 0555, or You can also visit us online at

Remember also that Hughes Trade continue to provide domestic electrical products to businesses of all kinds via a network of branches with their own dedicated team of specialists. They supply hotel and care home televisions, kitchen appliances and everything else you’d expect to see in our largest stores. Check them out at