Introducing the Sony ZG9 Master Series

We’d like to introduce to you the Sony ZG9 MASTER series. This top of the line range of 8K smart TVs is set to impress and has already wowed the ‘What HiFi?’ judges with it having been awarded a prestigious five stars. We are particularly proud to announce that Hughes is the only store in the East of the country to have this new line complete with 8K display stand and generator at our Hall Road store in Norwich.

Bringing new heights to cinematic viewing, the ZG9 uses a powerful X1 Ultimate Picture Processor to create a stunning High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture quality. This is further enhanced by the use of a Backlight Master Drive on the Full Array LED Panel to create the optimum display for a full cinematic experience.

Say goodbye to details hidden in the shadows and bleached out, lacklustre colours with Sony’s precise local dimming technology. It divides the picture into many independent zones to accurately adjust light levels within the same picture frame.  Combined with the 8K X-tended Dynamic Range Pro System, it guarantees to provide you with an intense contrast full of rich, dark shades and vivid colour that pops. Perfect for your favourite films and TV shows.

There is no need to worry about a potential lack of 8K content with the addition of Sony’s X-Reality Pro System. This elegant piece of tech upscales older, non-8K content to a superior resolution level by refining, sharpening and just generally improving picture quality frame by frame. This, alongside Dolby Vision, X-Wide Angle technology and a beautiful triluminous display, creates a stunning true-to-life result that further shows the ZG9’s elegance.

Most modern, flat screen TVs receive complaints about poor sound quality but this will not be the case with the Sony ZG9 series. These sleek TVs include a grand total of four front facing speakers, which are all designed to work with Dolby Atmos. Never miss a thing with exceptional clarity for those big, important moments.

This series of smart, android TVs incorporates Google Assistant to help you find your favourite content with no remote required. Sit in the lap of luxury with voice control for a complete hands-free cinematic experience.

Flawlessly designed, every aspect of the Sony ZG9 TV series has been masterfully created to become the TV of your dreams. Take a look at this amazing new addition to the Sony range today at our Hall Road, Norwich store or view online for more details.