May ’67: Spalding hosts the World’s First (and best?) Rock Fest!


Credit: Colin Ward, Soundforce 5
Credit: Colin Ward, Sounds Force Five

In May 1967, Spalding a small market town in Lincolnshire staged an event featuring a legendary line up of music greats, of Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Geno Washington, Pink Floyd, The Move, Zoot Money, The Ram Jam band, Sounds Force Five.  Local promoter, Brian Thompson, had booked these bands a year earlier, when they weren’t yet household names.  To ensure a decent turn out, Brian also booked local bands; little did he know what was to happen.  By May of ’67, these were fast becoming internationally renowned bands and artists.

Staged in the now demolished Bulb Auction hall (the only venue big enough), thousands of eager fans descended on Spalding, for a gig dubbed “Barbeque ’67”.  Hendrix and most of the other bands stayed at the Red Lion hotel in the town.  Earlier this year, a commemorative plaque was unveiled to mark this historic event.

Of course we all like to look back to past events, and relive the carefree days of our youth and this truly was a unique music event, never to be repeated in Spalding.  Now you can recreate that amazing event and enjoy all these artists and many more in your own home thanks to the outstanding performance and flexibility of Sonos, the multi-room music streaming system, featuring expandable, easy control apps for your ‘phone, tablet or computer.

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To watch a great short documentary and read more about this amazing event, the history behind it and the people involved, view the wonderful Voices Of East Anglia website.