Recipe: Thai Pork Larb in Crunchy Lettuce Wraps

Kenwood recipe

Recipe provided by Kenwood for use with the Cooking Chef Food Mixer.

Serves: 2 people

Total Cooking Time: 25 minutes


50g                             basmati rice (uncooked)         

2 tbsp                         sesame oil                                  

4                                  garlic cloves                                                 

300g                           pork mince                                 

1 tbsp                         lemongrass paste                     

1 tbsp                         fish sauce                                   

1 tbsp                         palm sugar                                 

2 tbsp                         lime juice                                    

50g                             rice powder                                

1                                  shallot, finely diced                   

2                                  chillies, finely chopped                                                

2                                  spring onions, finely chopped                  

4 stalks                      coriander leaves                       

3 stalks                      mint leaves                                 

6                                  lettuce leaves, pre-washed

Lime juice, optional


1.Lift the Cooking Chef head and fit the heat guard.

2. Attach the Mixer bowl to the machine and fit the stir tool.

3. Add the uncooked rice into the Cooking Chef bowl and fit the splash guard.

4. Set the temperature to 150 ºC, turn the speed dial to minimum and time for 6 minutes to gently brown the rice.

5. Once browned, carefully remove and transfer to another bowl to cool. Then, add the rice to the multi mill attachment and grind until the rice turns into a fine powder.

6. Add the oil into the clean Cooking Chef bowl.

7. Set the temperature to 120 ºC, turn the speed dial to minimum and time for 5 minutes.

8. Add the pork mince and garlic puree, then continue at 120 ºC and set the Stir Delay to 1 for 5 minutes

9. Add the lemongrass paste, fish sauce, rice powder, palm sugar and lime juice into the Cooking Chef bowl.

10. Adjust the temperature to 110ºC and set the speed to continuous for 5 minutes.

11. Add the diced shallot, chillies and spring onions to the bowl and then continue with the temperature set at 110ºC at a continuous speed for 5 minutes.

12. Add the coriander, mint and seasoning and continue with the temperature set to 110ºC and continuous speed for another 5 minutes. If desired, add any additional seasoning to taste and stir for 1 minute to mix through.

13. To serve, spoon the cooked mince into the centre of each lettuce leaf and garnish with more coriander, chillies and lime juice.