Review: AEG DBS2300-U Steam Generator Iron

Guest blog by Carlton

We recently had the AEG DBS2300-U on demo in our store (it wasn’t a ruse to get our laundry done, honestly!) Our customers could use it and give us their comments on the uses. We found the customers – like us – liked the weight. A number of people said they were surprised that for a steam generating iron it was not heavy. The reason for this is that the weight wasn’t needed as much as you needed it on small, less powerful steam irons, as the powerful 2300w system and 4.5 bar steam pressure made very light work of any deep creases – even in heavy fabric, like denim. The water container is a generous 0.9L and holds enough water to tackle a very large basket of washing. It heats up very quickly and when you turn off it cools down quickly too. The aesthetics are finished off in a subtle white with vibrant Watermelon red accents, so it is guaranteed to look great wherever you place it.

The high bar pressure steam could also be used on hanging curtains and jackets, by steaming clothes it helps deodorize and clean all cloth products. I would recommended using distilled water as this will help stall limescale build up, thereby prolonging the life of the your iron.


All in all, the AEG steam generator iron is very useful and easy to operate. The operations manual is easy to read and understand with simple-to-follow diagrams showing you how the base body of the iron has a metal holding platform to house the iron when not in use.

In summary, this DBS2300-U Steam Generator Iron is a lightweight, small and easy-to-use iron but plenty strong and powerful enough to tackle all ironing problems. Now available at an outstanding price, you can buy online here or visit your local store and ask about a demo (laundry provided!)