Review: ASUS FX505DY Gaming Laptop

ASUS FX505DY AMD processor

The ASUS FX505DY is a top-tier gaming laptop that will certainly appeal to those who demand a compact portable device that is loaded with a range of features. These vary from aesthetic ones, such as an LED keyboard, to its 8-thread quad core AMD Ryzen 3550h processors. It certainly looks aesthetically pleasing, with its sharp design, ultra-thin surround and its “over-stroke” technology for those improved and necessary key reactions. The panel has an IPS level 120Hz refresh rate to make your gameplay look as smooth as possible. A wide viewing angle also allows a great image no matter where you are seated making it the ultimate gaming companion. Gamers can finally say goodbye to close up eyestrain and enjoy the latest technology in comfort. 

This TUF series of laptops are designed to be strong, robust and near impenetrable to dust and heat. This has been achieved via vigorous testing with both altitude and temperature extremes by the MIL-STD-810G standards. In other words, even the US Department of Defence approve of this laptop.

The ASUS FX505DY laptops are all about power! This one, as we’ve previously said, has a Ryzen processor with a base CPU speed of 2.10 GHz with boosted capabilities of 3.70GHz. This gives the laptop faster, more efficient multitasking capabilities, enabling you to run high spec games. Any gamer will agree that graphics are important and they will be pleased to note that it is supported by the fabulous, highly respected AMD Raydon RX560X. When playing Overwatch, the action was handled superbly with the laptop exposing every game detail you look for, from reload animations to explosions, you’ve got it all. This laptop also has a 7.1 channel, immersive DTS surround sound for theatre quality audio, which provides optimised delivery for both games and movies.

ASUS FX505DY laptop

For home use, you can connect this laptop to a bigger screen, or even a TV, via its 2.0 HDMI port. Other variable devices can be connected with the 2.0 USB port or two 3.1 (first generation) USB ports, giving you the availability to use a separate keyboard, mouse or even a camera. With the latest Wi-Fi technologies incorporated within the model, ASUS promises to give you a great connection with transfer rates of 1.7GBpS. Even better, the 2×2 MIMO configurations allow you to have an even greater coverage area whilst getting rid of the tiring issue of needing to be close to a router. 

No longer fear overheating during long gaming sessions with ASUS’s ingenious “hypercool” technology. This quality laptop runs nice and cool by fully utilising its fans rather than relying on a small heat transfer pipe like its competitors. This vastly reduces the risks of overheating whilst playing your favourite games.

If you are looking for a laptop with a good gaming performance and a tough construction then the ASUS FX505DY is the laptop for you. For more information, take a look at the full product specs here or pop into your nearest Hughes store for a friendly chat with our team of experts.