Review: Beko CF5834APS Frost Free Fridge Freezer

Guest blog by Amar.

The Beko CF5834APS frost free fridge freezer is EcoSmart certified, meaning that, right from the start, it uses less energy compared with other fridge freezers around the same size and specification.

Considering replacing your old fridge freezer? Well, you’re in good hands with Beko and their CF5834APS as it can save you on average £8 per year compared to your old fridge freezer; that’s a cracking £80 over 10 years. The CF5834APS has an average annual energy consumption of 251kWh.

The CF5834APS can function at temperatures as low as -15°C with Beko’s own special Freezer Guard technology, as well as automatically defrosting when needed. This feature allows you more flexibility on where to place your fridge freezer, without worrying about the temperature affecting its performance or warranty. With the freezer having a capacity of 138 litres this function is a very good feature to have.

If you were ever to experience a power cut or loss of power to the CF5834APS there’s no need to panic. The freezer ‘meltdown time’ is 13 hours which is enough time to re-power the appliance or get to the bottom of the issue without losing all your goodies in the freezer.

The Beko fridge freezer comes with another great feature that will prevent ice building up and restricting valuable storage space, with this feature there is no need to manually defrost. The freezer also comes with 3 decent sized draws with one of the drawers having a fold down flap for easy access to the contents of the draw.

There is nothing worse than looking for your ice cube trays which are hiding under your chips, sausages & other frozen edibles. On a nice summer’s day you don’t want to be unloading all of your food just to get to your ice trays. The CF5834APS comes with its own designated ice bank tray which you can use for making and storing your ice & ice trays.

Wondering what you want for tea? No more opening the freezer and rummaging in every draw to see what’s there; the CF5834APS comes with completely clear drawer frontages so you can see what is in each drawer without having to manually search.

Some households may be restricted on location of their fridge freezer; this is usually down to which way the door opens or what is located around the fridge freezer that may prevent the doors being opened. With the CF5834APS you have the best of both worlds as the fridge & freezer doors are both reversible, removing any restrictions you may have had. The CF5834APS also comes with adjustable feet for when a little extra height is needed and to ensure it can be perfectly leveled.

After having a fridge freezer for a while, you may notice the door seals become discoloured or have a dark residue between them. The CF5834APS comes to the rescue again with antibacterial door seals which prevent bacteria forming and entering the fridge.

The fridge compartment on the CF5834APS is great; it has a massive capacity of 160 litres and also comes with a large salad crisp draw for all your favourite vegetables and fruit.

The fridge comes equipped with 4 adjustable robust glass shelves which include the lid of the salad crisper. There is also a bottle rack & egg tray to ensure your fridge stays tidy.

Storing milk, sauces and food in jars can be a pain when you haven’t got enough space, but with the CF5834APS you have full width commodity racks which let you optimize the space in your fridge for your favourite sauces, jams and other small items.

You can buy this Beko CF5834APS fridge freezer online and enjoy free delivery, get one in as little as one hour with our brilliant Click & Collect service or ask your local store about a demo or how to rent this fridge freezer for just £3.92 a week.