Review: Bosch SMS24AW01G ActiveWater Dishwasher

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Guest review by John

The Bosch SMS24AW01G freestanding full size dishwasher features a host of exciting innovative features not usually found on an entry level machine.

With 12 place settings, 4 programmes and 3 temperatures this machine guarantees first class dishwashing on every load and boasts an A rated wash rating.  Its 50DB Eco Silent Energy Efficient Drive makes peaceful times remain peaceful; this can give cheaper energy prices so it’s a very useful feature for overnight usage.

Environmentally, it’s good, too.  Energy consumption in Eco 50 mode is 290kw per year (based on 280 standard cleaning cycles), so you’d be using under £40 per year in electricity (based on current UK electricity charges).  Water consumption in Eco 50 mode is 3300 litres per year based on 280 standard cleaning cycles, making that under £7 per year (based on current UK water charges). Using a Residual Heat Drying System gains this unit an A rated drying performance.

Bosch SMS24AW01G

The Bosch SMS24AW01G has a load sensor incorporated which acknowledges how many pots, pans and how much cutlery is loaded in to the machine and works out how much water is needed for the wash, this makes the machine far more economical and environmentally friendly.

Vario Speed technology rinses in half the time, giving optimum cleaning and drying results.

Glass protection technology uses a very gently approach to glass washing therefore ensuring expensive glasses can be washed without breakage or discolouration.

The top basket is adjustable allowing larger plates etc. to be stacked therefore utilising the available space more efficiently.  There are also two foldable plate racks in the bottom basket, allowing any size of plate or pan to be washed.  Two foldable cup racks in top draw ensure that whether it’s tiny espresso cups or pint-o-tea mugs you’re washing, the results will be brilliant!

This machine uses a dosage-assist detergent dispenser which always gives you optimum detergent distribution – another way to save money! You’ll find salt and rinse aid refill indicators are included on the machine so a quick top up and you’re ready to go.

The SMS24AW01G has a useful built-in 3-selection time delay which is laid out in 3, 6 or 9 hours depending on selection.  Again, this function is very economical when used with low tariff electricity supplied in the middle of the night.

Bosch, having thought of everything, has even included a leak protection system to prevent floods in the unlikely event of mechanical failure.

And finally, there’s a self-cleaning filter system fitted as standard, no more scrubbing out gunge!

Buy online today, use our Click & Collect to pick one up in as little hour, rent for just £3.69 per week or pop along to your local store to find out more.