Review: Bosch SMS46IW02G Dishwasher

Bosch SMS46IW02G

Guest blog by Dave

In a world where we don’t want over-complicated home appliances, simply wanting them to do their job and do it well, this Bosch dishwasher is a fantastic example of letting the machine do all of the thinking for you.

When using this appliance it became very clear from the outset that Bosch have designed this machine to suit any home environment, with its quick programmes for the occasional user through to the thorough washes for large family use. The programmes are clearly visible, easy to select and all of the settings benefit from the automatic “Aquasensors” that measure how dirty the contents are and adjust the water, temperature and times of the programmes. This all combines to give you incredible cleaning results and the peace of mind that you are being efficient not just for yourself but also for the environment.

I particularly like the glass protection wash programme; previously I have always been concerned with putting delicate glassware into a dishwasher however this programme regulates not only the temperature but also the hardness of the water to ensure there’s little risk of glass corrosion.Bosch SMS46IW02G Facia

A new programme feature is the ‘Hygiene Plus’ option. This feature is great for young families as it essentially sterilizes the contents of the machine by adding a 10 minute intensity cycle of 70 degrees. Families with babies often buy large and cumbersome sterilizing units that take up a lot of unit space, but this feature would do away with the need for one as you could put all of the baby’s bottles in the dishwasher and add on the anti-bacterial ‘Hygiene Plus’ option. Alongside this useful option, there is a child safety lock, preventing small hands from opening the door during rinsing.

In my opinion, the most satisfying part of using the machine was knowing that behind the apparent simplicity of the machine it is actually working really hard to save me money, energy and overall make the appliance more efficient. For starters the ‘Active Water’ alongside the ‘Heat Exchange’ technology makes sure that the water and energy are saved where possible through efficient heating and distribution. The automatic ‘Load Sensor’ will reduce water and energy use if it senses that the machine isn’t full; this is great if you’ve ever felt the urge to wait until every slot is filled.

Another clever feature of the machine is the ‘Eco Silence Drive.’ By having a more sophisticated drive motor you are not only reducing friction – so increasing efficiency – you are also getting a quieter operation too. I did find myself checking the machine was still on from time to time as my previous dishwasher was quite noisy, but I soon found that this appliance makes a bleeping sound when the cycle has finished.

When it comes to using the machine, a feature that is totally underrated is the height adjustable top basket. Most dishwashers have the ability to raise or lower the top basket; however you have to completely remove it and mess with the brackets – a feat that is often too much hassle. The Bosch SMS46IW02G, however, has two very easy-to-operate paddles either side. I have a favorite branded beer glass that I like to use from time to time however it is quite a tall glass so it definitely wouldn’t stand up in the upper basket; in my previous machine the glass kept toppling over in the bottom basket and I would inevitably take it out at the end of the cycle and there would be water still inside. With this Bosch dishwasher I am able to simply lower the top basket and easily fit the glass in upright and it is supported by the sides of the upper basket.

Bosch has obviously kept energy-saving at the forefront of this machines design but more importantly set it out so that the machine does all the hard work for you. Little bonus features like the detachable cutlery shelf is useful for sharp knives or utensils and the handle for the top basket being designed to catch the washing tablet so it disperses in the middle as opposed to just dropping to the base of the machine. All of these features make this machine stand out from the crowd and make it very good value for money.

You can buy the Bosch SMS46IW02G online, use Click & Collect to pick up in as little as one hour, rent for just £5.31 per week or ask your local store for more information.