Review: Bosch SMS46IW04G Active Water Freestanding Dishwasher

Bosch SMS46IW04G Dishwasher

Guest blog by Hinn Lau

Deciding to set up our first home was an exciting time for my girlfriend and me. Having ditched the chore of washing up and drying up in my former family home, we decided to go for a dishwasher so we can save energy and therefore save money, time (and death stares from my girlfriend if the washing up piles up!)

After much discussion and research, we settled on the Bosch SMS46IW04G Active Water freestanding dishwasher. Starting off with design, the Bosch SMS46IW04G has a very sleek and modern look. Bosch has neatly placed all the buttons you need centrally, together with a display panel. When the door is pulled opened, there’s a helpful hidden aide memoire for each of the functions:

  • Vario speed plus: This is great for when pots and pans are needed back quickly, as it washes 66% quicker on the function.
  • Extra dry: More effort is put into drying items which normally takes a longer time to do, so brilliant for ceramics, plastics etc.
  • Hygiene plus: Perfect when a high temperature is necessary to kill off any bacteria whilst being cleaned – the ideal solution for chopping boards or meat cleavers for example.
  • Intensive: The SMS46IW04G utilises AquaSensor; a very handy tool to have, it examines how much grease, food leftovers, detergent etc. is left on the dishes using light beams, depending on how much is left, determines how long the rinsing process is to continue.
  • Washes at seventy degrees heat, making it easier to clean off grime and burnt on food particles, the heat exchanger will always make sure that the water is pre-heated to an optimal temperature to avoid any temperature shocks, no risk is involved when cleaning delicate items.
  • Auto: The default option when it comes to dishwashers, have a choice of 45/60 degrees, suitable for pans, plates and cups
  • Eco: If time isn’t an issue, eco is the most energy efficient way; running at fifty degrees, saving money on the utility bill.
  • Glass: A more delicate wash running at forty degrees that checks for soft water because it can cause corrosion, it regulates the water so a more delicate wash can be used glasses, china etc.
  • Quick: Exactly what it says on the tin but used more for dishes and cutlery (Vario speed plus would be better for pots and pans).
  • Pre rinse: Instead of having a faucet, blasting away at each dish separately, the SMS46IW04G can rinse the whole lot in one go to wash away the grime.

This dishwasher is a full-size free standing dishwasher with six programmes and 13 place settings. You’ll find that plenty of dishes and cutlery can be held, thanks to a height-adjustable top basket and six foldable plate racks. This clever flexibility grants extra space for your cutlery and dishes.

If you’re energy conscious, you’ll be pleased to know that it runs at an energy efficient rating of A++, on average that’s 262 kWh energy and 2660L of water consumption a year and that’s on an economical standard cleaning cycle of 210 minutes. If fewer amounts of dishes need cleaning, the LoadSensor automatically senses the load weight by a rotary speed sensor and determines the water level. For the best casual-use and energy efficiency, we use the delay timer on economical mode and the machine starts at night; at a low decibel rating thanks to the EcoSilence DriveTM, dishes are ready and clean by the morning.

If you’re worried that the dishes wouldn’t be cleaned to the same standard as being hand washed, this machine has a turbidity sensor built in, which basically measures the amount of debris that is floating around in the wash water. These readings determine how long the cycle is to continue to give you a sparkling finish.

Put simply, the Bosch SMS46IW04G is a great looking dishwasher which takes care with everything it cleans, as efficiently and effectively as possible with plenty of programmes and functions to give a brilliant finish. The specification sheet can be found here.

You can buy the Bosch SMS46IW04G online, rent this dishwasher from as little as £4.62 per week*, use our Click & Collect option to pick one up from a local store in as little as one hour or ask your store for more information.

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