Review: Bosch SMV50C10GB Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Bosch SMV50C10GB photo compilation

Guest blog by Angela,

You have a large dinner party planned and… your built-in dishwasher has decided to go wrong! With so many models promising fancy new features, you would be forgiven for getting a little stressed! Where do you start looking? For a great all-rounder, look no further than the Bosch SMV50C10GB. Over the years, Bosch has built a stellar reputation for being a brand that builds good-quality, well-trusted appliances, and this model is no different. At 60cm wide, this 12-place setting dishwasher is guaranteed to have enough space for your biggest plates and pans – especially with the added bonus of a height adjustable top basket.

Efficiency is something that this particular model prides itself on. With an impressive A+ energy rating, this dishwasher also comes fully equipped with a load sensor that detects how large the load is and adjusts the water and energy levels accordingly ideal for those on water meters. If time is precious, the ‘vario speed’ option can reduce overall programme times by up to half without compromising on cleaning or drying results.

Bosch SMV50C10GB open dishwasher

The Bosch SMV50C10GB has high efficiency levels which are aided by the use of active water technology. This ingenious feature ensures environmentally friendly rinsing for brilliant cleaning results. It does this via targeted water distribution, faster heating, optimized filter technology and higher pump performance for increased water circulation and the significant saving of water and energy.

It should also be noted that the addition of Dosage Assist ensures that the whole of the dishwasher tablet is dissolved and used. It does this by dropping the tablet into the dosage tray at precisely the right time during the cycle. Here, water bombards the detergent tablet, enabling it to circulate right around the machine.

Some customers will be pleased to know that a noisy dishwasher is a thing of the past thanks to the economical Eco Silence drive. Due to the Bosch SMV50C10GB’s brushless motor, it is incredibly quiet and has low electricity consumption!

Arguably, the most important aspect of this machine is that it provides safety of mind. Bosch has ingeniously created the AquaStop system to prevent fill hose leaks and is therefore giving your house added protection! The water feed hose is double-walled, with a mechanical valve and a visual display. If a leak did occur, water would collect and saturate a sponge, which would then mechanically cut off the water supply. Bosch also includes a two-year guarantee for the unlikely event that anything does go wrong.

Bosch SMV50C10GB measurements

Now down to the basics, what programmes do you get with the Bosch SMV50C10GB? There are five main programmes: Intensive 70º (for very burnt-on food and cooking disasters), Normal 65º (part dried, common food remnants), Eco 50º (economical wash), Gentle 40º (sensitive utensils, cutlery and glasses) and Quick 45º so you will always find a programme to suit your needs. There is also a handy time delay option, which schedules the start of the programme 3, 6 or 9 hours in advance. This allows the dishwasher to finish at a convenient time, for example, when you return from work or wake up in the morning.

To summarise, it is clear that Bosch have thought of everything when it comes to the Bosch SMV50C10GB. If you decide to buy or rent this particular model, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will receive brilliant wash results at a low economical cost every time. Why not pop into your nearest Hughes branch for a demonstration by our team of experts or buy online and use our refined click and collect service for a pick up time as little as an hour after your order from a local store.