Review: Bosch WAJ24006GB 7kg Washing Machine

Bosch WAJ24006GB Washing Machine Review

Guest blog by David,

Introducing the Bosch WAJ24006GB, the entry model in this year’s collection. Like its predecessors, it comes packed with the quality, perfection and reliability expected from the Bosch name and, with over 130 years of experience under their belts, it’s safe to say they’ve earned their exceptional reputation.

Before we have a closer look at the exciting features this machine has to offer, let’s list the basics. In detail, this machine has a 7kg wash load, a 1200rpm spin speed and an amazing A+++ energy rating. If a 7kg load is not enough, we also stock a variety of washing machines with 8, 9 and 10kg wash loads as well as 1400 – 1600rpm spin machines within the Bosch range.

The WAJ24006GB is a perfect example of how Bosch uses design to work in favour of functionality rather than just focusing on the superficial aspects. When unpacking the appliance you may notice the concentric circles on each side of the machine. This is part of an innovative, anti-vibration design which also helps to absorb noise and ensures that the machine is quiet and stable when in use! This, paired with the built-in EcoSilence Drive, makes it ideal for flats, open planned living, kitchen diners and any other space where you spend most of your time entertaining.

Keep your clothes in perfect condition thanks to the stainless steel drum’s moulded lifters. This, unlike the plastic lifters in other machines, will help maintain your clothes for the long-term and reduce the chance of plucks and general damage being caused during the washing process.

Forgotten a sock? The Reload feature will enable you to pause the programme in the beginning stages of the cycle as long as the water level is not too high and the temperature has not reached above 50 degrees.

The Speed Perfect feature is also a firm customer favourite, with one touch of a button you can reduce your wash time by up to 65% on a mixed load programme. For example, a 4kg load can be washed in just 41 minutes! This is ideal for those who want a quick wash to freshen lightly soiled clothes. 

Overall, the Bosch WAJ24006GB is a perfect entry level appliance in the 2020 range that stands out for its use of innovative design which doesn’t compromise on functionality. Packed full of features, this washing machine is a great fit for any household. Still haven’t made up your mind? View the full product specifications here or visit your nearest Hughes store for a friendly chat with our team of experts.