Review: Bosch WAT28371GB 9kg Washing Machine

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Guest blog by Nick

Throughout this blog I will be talking about a fantastic washing machine: the Bosch WAT28371GB. With a 9kg load capacity, A*** energy rating and 1400RPM spin, this machine can cope with big loads, while saving you money on your energy costs.

To begin with, this machine is so simple to use, it will make washing your clothes quicker and stress-free, thanks to its easy-to-use features and the many quick use programmes. This Bosch washer will not only look fantastic in your home, but it will even help to reduce your bills.

The large 9kg drum can cope with around 45 t-shirts and with a spin speed of 1400rpm, you’ll soon whizz through the laundry. I liked the Silent Wash which, as the name suggests, is very quiet – thanks to the anti-vibration sidewall; this made it ideal for my open-plan property and would benefit those who like to put a wash on at night.

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This washing machine also comes with 15 programmes ready for you to use, one programme in particular is ‘Quick Wash’ this cycle only takes 15 minutes which comes in very handy when you just want to quickly refresh your clothes. It also has a very useful mixed load cycle, designed for a low temperature wash so – finally – you do not have to separate your colours and lights. The cotton wash is great with a temperature option from 20c up to 90c, which is ideal for a whites wash.

The machine has an easy read display, coupled with an easy to use and easy to understand dial. The Bosch WAT28371GB has a dial that goes directly to temperatures, plus a 24 hour time delay, so you can make the most of Eco wash overnight or your washing can be ready when you get home from work.

This fantastic washing machine comes as A*** energy rating and the water consumption is very good, too. It has an ideally placed filter located on the front and for those of you that have emptied the filter in the past this machine  has a handy drain pipe so you can carefully empty the water beforeyou remove the filter – saving you time from the clean-up that was always needed.

This machine has vario soft/ vario drum and its innovative droplet-shaped structure washes clothes gently and more efficiently. Another key feature is the ‘Speed Perfect’ button which allows washing time on some programmes to be shortened down to 40%

.Bosch WAT28371GB Drum

This Bosch washing machine not only looks stunning, but it is extremely easy to use and will cut down on your bills.  Its large 9kg drum and spin speed of 1400 mean that you can wash large amounts of clothes at a time and cut down on your washes per week. For the times when you want to do a small load of washing one of the sensors inside the washing machine adjusts to the size of your load of washing, monitoring the exact water consumption, thus, cutting down on your water bill.

The ‘Delicates/Silk’ programme is perfect for viscose and synthetic clothing, and the ‘Wool’ programmes are tailored to provide the ultimate care for wool garments. These programmes help your clothes maintain the best possible condition with little fuss, making this the perfect all round machine.

It also has a nice clear red display on the front of the machine that tells you the time, temperature and spin. The display also lets you adjust the spin speed should you not require such a fast spin. In addition to this, when a programme is running, the display will also display a countdown of time remaining in the cycle. This means that you can look at the display and know how long before you can hang the clothes out (and maybe even sneak in a quick cuppa while you wait!).

This machine looks and feels great to use, it has been tried and tested to a very high standard, which is the exact reason why customers love it. The features and functionality that you get certainly outweigh the price of this washing machine, making it top of my best to buy list; certainly, the reviews are outstanding, with some customers rating it a 10/10. Take a look on our website and buy today with confidence, use our Click & Collect to pick one up in as little as one hour or ask your local store about viewing one.  Like many of our products, you can rent this machine for just £6 per week.