Review: Bose Soundbar and Bass Module 700

Bose 700 setup

Guest blog by Gary,

The Bose soundbar and base module 700 provides a very versatile set up. Users can make the choice between using it as a standalone soundbar or operating it alongside the Bose 700 module subwoofer. It even offers a 5.1 setup via additional Bose satellite speakers for a fully immersive experience.

It is recommended that the Bose soundbar 700 is placed in front or just below the TV. Wall-mountable, a sleek design is easily achievable through the custom Bose soundbar mount (sold separately).  

Bose 700 Soundbar setup

In a world of smart features, the Bose 700 soundbar can be controlled in a multitude of ways to suit the preferences of its buyer. Provided with a standard remote control, settings can also be navigated via the Bose app or by fully utilising the built in Amazon Alexa voice control. It’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity means that you can also connect up to Bluetooth headphones and through HDMI (arc) to your TV. It should also be noted that the soundbar supports Dolby Digital, DTS.

In my opinion, it’s the best sounding standalone soundbar on the market! It’s surprisingly small, (97.8cm wide, 5.72cm high and 10.8cm deep) but packs a punch. It has a sleek design and comes with a temped glass top, which will work perfectly with any décor and entertainment set up. It also sounds great when watching films and listening to music. Whether you’re watching a movie, or listening to your favourite album, hear it with audio that truly envelopes the room with AdaptiQ. With this feature, the soundbar accurately analyses the acoustics to give you the ideal sound signature for your room.

Bose 700 controls/remote

With Alexa now built in, it makes life even easier! Control the volume and find out which song is playing without even reaching for the remote. You can also turn Alexa into your very own personal DJ, requesting songs from other streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, and TuneIn using only your voice.

If you are lucky to have another Bose multi-room speaker, you can connect to it using your Wifi and stream music around the house. Enhancing your movie watching? Why not add some extra base to your sound? The Bose 700 soundbar will give you a more thunderous base and create a really true sound, it’s so powerful it seems as though explosions are all around you. For more information, visit your local Hughes store for a chat with our team of experts or take a look online.