Review: Bose Soundbar and Bass Module 500

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Guest blog by Trevor,

It goes without saying that no home cinema set up is complete without its own sound system. By projecting audio around the room you are creating a more immersive experience that is guaranteed to be fully appreciated by gamers, film lovers, music fanatics and avid sports fans. There really aren’t many people on the planet who would fail to appreciate what adding a system such as this one can bring to your viewing enjoyment. It’s all of these reasons and more, which makes the Bose 500 system a worthy investment.

To begin, let’s take a look at the Bose soundbar 500. Described as the little brother of the Bose SB700 soundbar and sold desperately to the Bose Bass Module 500, it has a lot in common with its younger sibling including many of the same impressive features. One notable difference is that it is not quite as big. It measures at 31.5 inches, compared to the SB700, which is 38.5 inches long. However, it maintains the same design. The grill is made of perforated aluminium that runs round to the sides and works to absorb sound and manage frequencies.

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Just like the excellent sound provided by previous Bose models, audio is accurate and clear at any volume. The vocals are incredibly sharp and easy to distinguish although the mids and highs are where this particular model excels itself. The bass created by the Bose soundbar 500BL is very good and adequate, even without a separate bass speaker.

The only visible buttons are the touch sensitive spots on the top of the sound bar; one being the action button and the other being the ON/OFF switch which controls the microphone. The inclusion of a microphone enables the soundbar to be Amazon Alexa compatible. By utilising this feature, you can control the soundbar without a remote for those times when it simply can’t be found. Control your device from the comfort of your sofa using just your voice. Ask for it to be turned on/off, play your favourite songs, or control the volume with ease.  Future updates are sure to include Google Assist and Apple Airplay 2. This will give you a lot more potential and flexibility to keep you up to date with technology trends. The rest of the controls are found on the supplied remote which fits very well in the hand.

Bose 500 soundbar remote

When installing this soundbar, you do have to download a new music app onto your smartphone to be able to use this Bose product. However, the installation of the app is considered to be very easy and straightforward.  If you haven’t got enough memory – don’t worry! You can still take advantage of the Bluetooth features without the need to download the app.

So overall, if you are looking for a replacement for your TVs built-in speakers, then this model is great! It offers you a lot of flexibility with new updated technology such as the integrated Amazon Alexa function. For a soundbar, this is definitely one to consider! The app is easy to use and the updates in the near future will make the Bose soundbar 500 even better and, best of all, it is very easy to install.

Bose 500 Bass Module

For an even greater set up, why not add the Bose Bass Module 500? It creates a bass you don’t just hear… you feel it! This adds to the atmosphere and recreates the cinema experience from your own front room. It is a very small and compact bass speaker which measures at: 25.4cm x 24.1cm x 25.4cm. This Bose bass speaker amplifies your music and movies without compromising the valuable space in your room.  The unit is wireless so it can therefore be placed anywhere you wish as long as you have a power supply. It connects wirelessly to Bose soundbars for an easy set up and placement so that you can enjoy your purchase in minutes by just pressing the automatic connect button on the bass speaker. The speaker is designed to be compatible with the new Bose soundbar 500BL or its predecessor, the SB700. This model kicks the performance up a notch! For a fully immersive sound experience, you can add the Bose surround speakers with a wireless range of nine metres. These speakers are only 11cm high so they blend nicely into your pre-existing décor and keep the focus on the rich sound they create. These are also available at your local Hughes.

For a full demonstration, why not take a trip to your local Hughes stockists and hear the bass level volumes for yourself alongside the matching subwoofer. If you can’t wait to start building your new sound system, go online and use our click and collect service for a pick up time as little as one hour after ordering from a nearby Hughes store.