Review: De’Longhi Dolce Gusto EDG736S Coffee Machine

Dolce Gusto EDG736S

Guest blog by Declan

The Dolce Gusto EDG736S is a fantastic offering to those who love great coffee, but hate the time-consuming prep and inconvenience of having to boil a kettle, grind the beans and/or froth the milk.

Currently on sale for less than £90, you’ll only need to miss out on a few high street chain coffees for this great looking machine to have effectively paid for itself!  The Dolce Gusto EDG736S coffee machine is completely unique with a stylish and contemporary design that will look great in your kitchen.

The comprehensive list of functions ensures you get your coffee the way you want and when you want. The convenience of having an energy-saving function makes worrying about whether you left your coffee machine on, a thing of the past; this machine will turn off automatically after 5 minutes of non-use.

Now, the important bit: let’s talk coffee and convenience. With up to 15 bar of pump pressure and a special thermo-block heating system, this Dolce Gusto EDG736S makes sure that you get a perfect cup of coffee every single time. From cutely-frothed cappuccinos, to smooth luxe lattes and an express espresso, the Dolce Gusto EDG736S handles them all with ease.

Inside the thermo-block heating system ensures the water won’t take long to heat up, brew or steam, so you’ll be enjoying your favourite coffee in no time at all. Other features include an auto stop function so no having to guess the right amounts of coffee or milk as well as an adjustable drip tray for everything from tall latte glasses to small espresso cups.

Dolce Gusto EDG736S Views

Along with similar models in our Dolce Gusto coffee machine range this particular model uses coffee pods carefully crafted by Nescafe in a variety of different coffee flavours such as hot chocolate, skinny lattes, macchiato, even a selection of tea options are available.  The pods are also hermetically sealed to maintain coffee freshnessand are all exclusive to Dolce Gusto.

It’s incredibly easy to use, too; simply pop your favourite flavour pod into the machine capsule holder, and use the touch screen interface to select the correct coffee quantity indicated on the pod itself.  Make sure the water is topped up on the right hand side water tank (which holds 1litre), then press the circular touch button to indicate whether you are having a hot or cold beverage and away you go. Oh, just remember to place your favourite mug underneath the spout!

So what comes in the box? There’s the machine itself, a small bin for your used capsules and an easy to understand ‘get me started’ guide. Along with all this, you will find an orange “blank” capsule so you can use your machine as a hot water dispenser. You also get a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty from Dolce Gusto for added peace of mind.

Say goodbye to your High Street coffee expense and save time and money, buy the Dolce Gusto EDG736S online – with free delivery or use our Click & Collect to pick one up in as little as one hour.  You can also ask your local store about a demo – coffee included!