Review: Dyson DC19 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Guest blog by Rachel.

Having recently moved into a new home, I found I was desperately in need of all the essential household appliances, one of which was a vacuum cleaner. For me, when purchasing any household item there are a few things I consider. Firstly, it needs to be from a reliable brand I can trust, be affordable, simple to use and lastly it must do the job it is designed to do effectively. As my house has a mixture of laminate flooring, carpets and rugs, it was imperative that I bought a vacuum specifically designed to suit multiple flooring types, and so it was that with all things considered, I opted for the Dyson DC19, which is a 1400w bagless, cylinder vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum itself comes boxed in matt black packaging, which clearly states the five key features of the product, along with a printed message from James Dyson, which just adds a little personal touch that I found appealing. One thing that helped me make my choice was the free five year guarantee, which as a buyer gave me complete confidence in the quality of the product before I had even opened it.

dc19-2dc19-3Inside the box, I found the vacuum cleaner to be well packaged and protected; complete with a user manual, information to contact Dyson’s support in the event of any problems, two additional cleaning tools and a claim form to redeem my free guarantee, everything is well thought out. Also printed inside the box is a helpful reminder to wash the enclosed HEPA filter every six months to get the best performance from the machine, although this information is obviously printed in the manual as well and ingeniously on the vacuum itself. In regards to the guarantee, I personally chose to register mine online but the form is there for anyone who may not have computer access.

What impressed me about the DC19 is, once unboxed, all the pieces simply clicked into place, meaning the assembly is quick and the vacuum was ready to use in less than a minute. The dusting crevice brush and stair tool both sit aboard the machine, so the right tool for the job is always on hand, making the vacuuming a lot easier and less time consuming. Another great bonus is that the vacuum wand is extendable, again at the click of a button, so any hard to reach places in my home are easily accessible and pesky cobwebs can be sucked away in the blink of an eye. Once the vacuuming is complete and unplugged, the automatic cable rewind will do all the hard work for me, so all I need to do is hold my foot or hand on the button and wait for the lead to retract back into place. The cable length itself is 6.5m long, which is great as it means I don’t have to keep unplugging the vacuum every few minutes, in search of a plug socket.

dc19-youtubeAs the vacuum is bagless, there is no need to continually purchase bags each month, which is great for my bank balance! Since the large 2.1 litre dust chamber is plenty big enough to vacuum the whole house before it needs emptying you also won’t be making endless trips to the bin, either. What I find great about the DC19 is that with its “Root Cyclone Technology”, the dust inside the chamber is constantly moving, so there is no clogging, or loss of suction when cleaning. Also, because the vacuum is suitable for all flooring, it means I can switch from the carpet to laminate and back again with ease. The vacuum itself is light enough to carry up and down the stairs , but I always recommend vacuuming the upstairs first as a vacuum can feel a little heavier the fuller it gets – and the more tired you get!

All in all, I am really pleased with my purchase, which for someone who cannot stand vacuuming, that is something I never thought I would say. For anyone who like me, likes the chores to be over with as quickly as possible, I would definitely recommend buying or renting the Dyson DC19. It’s simple, effective and at a price that’s so good that it’s available in store only. My only quibble? That I didn’t buy one sooner. Find your nearest Hughes store and bag yourself the bagless Dyson DC19 online today!