Review: Flexson Play:1 Desk Stand

Guest blog by Nick & Luke

I first saw the P1DS1011 desk stand in one of the magazines we have in the staff room. Even in a small article within a magazine, the stand looked great and I knew this was a must have accessory for my Sonos Play:1.

A proud British brand, Flexson make the world’s best-selling accessories for Sonos products and I am happy to confirm Flexson haven’t disappointed. Once unpackaged, the stand actually looks even better than it did in the magazine, the quality is excellent and it is very easy to assemble. Inside the box you will find the stand and one screw; that’s home assembly that I can get on board with!

This desk stand has been cleverly built to ensure that its footprint is no larger than the Play:1 itself, meaning it takes up no more space, thus preserving the sleek appearance of your Sonos unit. The bracket at the rear of the unit ensures the mains lead is neatly tucked behind the unit.

flexson P1DS1011In true audiophile fashion, the design of this stand will balance the weight of the unit on a smaller area – this effect, used by most speaker manufacturers, reduces vibration and so improves the reproduction of your music. This stand is available in both black and white to match your Sonos Play:1.

Also available are the Play:1 floor stands – engineered in England, these will hold the speaker at a height of 82cm, easily raising your speaker above furniture with a sleek silhouette. This stand is hollow, allowing you to neatly run the Sonos mains lead down it. These are available in black and white. Handily, you don’t have to buy these in a pair, allowing for customisation to make the most out of your room (or likely, rooms, if you have bought any Sonos already.) Building a great Sonos setup is somewhat addictive as soon as you hear the amazing sound – just as the original artist intended – and these Flexson sounds mean they’ll look as good as the sounds emanating.

To view our Flexson range click here or find your local store here and ask about viewing these stands.