Review: Hoover DXOC47C3 Freestanding Washing machine

Hoover DXOC47C3

Guest blog by Ashley

The Hoover DXOC47C3 freestanding washing machine really does look the part, with its stand-out extra-large chrome door which will fit in with any kitchen style. It is a suitable machine for every home, from a single person to a small family, thanks to its 7kg load which can hold up to thirty five shirts or seven large bath towels in one wash. It has a variable temperature control – up to 1400rpm – which will ensure the clothes aren’t left soaking wet when the wash has finished.

This machine has an energy rating of A+++ which will keep energy costs to a minimum. The machine comes with a one year manufacturer’s guarantee and, so sure are Hoover of the quality of their machines, that you can currently claim a ten year parts guarantee.

Hoover’s Silent Inverter reduces noise to just 58db (roughly the same level of noise as a modern refrigerator) when washing so you won’t need to worry about waking the kids (or the neighbours) if you prefer to put a wash on overnight.

This machine is jam-packed with features which makes it a stand out machine and good value for money. It has a total of fifteen programs ranging from quick wash, cotton, wool & silk, hand wash and a baby and hygiene sixty degree program.

 All Hoover Dynamic and Mega models comes with an “Intelligent KG” mode; during the first four minutes of the wash cycle it will adjust the cycle time, the water usage and electricity consumption to suit the size of the load which help keep those costs down.

This machine also has a handy twenty-four hour delay timer so you don’t need to worry about the washing because you can set ta specific time to start and end so you could come home from a busy day knowing your washing is ready to sort when you get home.

There’s a very useful quick wash function which can do a small wash load in just fourteen minutes. There are pre-set shorter washes, ranging from 14, 30 and 44 minute rapid wash.  If you need a full load in a hurry, there’s a programme that will do a full load in just 59 minutes.  I like these shorter programmes as it takes the stress out of washing knowing there is choice and it’s not going to take two or three hours to do one wash load like some machines do.

As if I wasn’t already sold on the programmes, this machine does really pack a punch when coming to all these features. Say goodbye to a lone red sock turning everything pink: you can (FINALLY) mix colors and fabrics together even on the quick wash programs and also at low temperatures.  This really is a simple, hassle-free machine. Thanks to the nice LCD touch pad/screen its also very simple to use to change your spin speed and temperature settings.

Hoovers Smart One Touch NFC Feature

Hoover DXOC47C3 One Touch Another great feature from Hoover on this machine is their application of NFC. Using an android smart phone (for other android and ios devices the app gives information only) you get control and the ability to monitor and manage your machine thanks to the Hoover Wizard app. NFC capability means it’s easy to ‘communicate’ with your machine.  Just  download the wizard app then hold your phone against the appliance. This gives you access to Hoover’s Clever Check-Up which preserves outstanding performance over time. This will test the life parameters of the appliance giving practical advice on keeping your machine as new from day one.

 With One Touch you can download new cycles including sport and fitness, special delicates, energy and time saver, home and family, kids, and health and wellness programs. The One Touch control is the voice coach which provides all the information you need to select the washing programs just from speaking to your machine; choose from clothes or fabrics, choose the colors and choose the level of stain removal you need.  Intuitive, simple and a great start to making your home ‘Smart’.  You can find out more about integrating your home with apps and appliances to make your whole home Smart; from washing machines to TVs, coffee machines to fridges and wireless multiroom speakers, our Smart Home team offer free, impartial advice. 

Back to this Hoover washing machine and one final nice touch is that, with the instruction booklets inside the drum, you’ll find a laundry and energy tips book which helps you get the most out of your machine.  The Hoover DX0C47C3 washing machine is a very good machine at a great price so order online, rent this machine for just £4.15 per week or pop down to your local Hughes and speak to one of our friendly members of staff today to find out more!