Review: Hotpoint WMBF944P 9kg Washing Machine

Guest blog by Ashley.

This spacious 9kg Hotpoint WMBF944P washing machine is an extra special in-store only deal.  In a striking sleek design, the ultra-modern design knocks spots off the run-of-the-mill appliances.

The spin speed is great at 1400rpm. This means the machine’s drum will rotate 1,400 times every minute. The faster the machine spins the drum, the more water is removed from your clothes.  Basically, the faster the spin speeds, the drier your clothes will be at the end of the cycle; drier clothes from the machine means less drying time on the line (or the tumble dryer / airer / radiator.)  Like many washing machines this Hotpoint machine allows you to adjust the spin speed – exactly what is needed for delicate clothing and it will help to reduce creasing, too.

This machine is very energy efficient with a rating of A+++, which will mean less impact on the environment AND savings on your energy bills, too.

The Hotpoint comes with 16 programmes (including quick wash, wool, delicate and many more) that allow you to pop the load in, add your detergent and press one button for the machine to take all the guess work out.  A great feature that caught my eye is the fantastic anti-stain cycle which removes 20 of the most annoying and stubborn stains like oil, wine and chocolate. The anti-stain works in phases, the first phase is at 40 degrees which removes enzymatic stains; the next phase keeps the water temp at a constantly controlled 43 degrees which is the big anti-stain phase.  The anti-stain programme removes even the most difficult stains.


The Hotpoint WMBF944P has a whole host of other handy features, like a delay timer allowing you to take control of the start time of the cycle.  It also has a key lock to protect children (and the kitchen from flooding, thanks to tiny, inquisitive hands) during use.  The clear LCD display that gives you useful information, such as when the machine is in operation and when the wash cycle will be finished. It also has easy to use push buttons and a nice ergonomic turn dial. Thanks to the large door on the Hotpoint WMBF944P you’ll soon find that loading and unloading it is a breeze. Perhaps my favourite feature is that it’s a super quiet machine (wash-53db/spin-81db) so if it’s just you or you have a house full of guests you will be able to hear yourselves think without the noise of a horrible loud banging washing machine in the background; this also makes it ideal to put on at night when tariffs may be cheaper.

Hotpoint has been awarded The British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval. When you see a product with the British Allergy Foundation seal on it, you can be assured that the product has been thoroughly scientifically tested to prove it is efficient at reducing or removing allergens from the environment of people with allergies or asthma sufferers; these products benefit the sufferers of allergy, asthma, sensitivity and intolerance.  The Hotpoint WMBF944P anti-allergy programme combines a high temperature technology with extra rinses to neutralise and remove 99% of allergens, which include dust mites and pollen.


As we head towards winter it’s time to get the big wooly jumpers out and this washing machine can take care of them. Its Woolmark Platinum Care programme keeps your woolens well cared for and looking as good as new. This feature uses an extra gentle drum action combined with a low spin speed to stop your clothes rubbing together and keeping them looking fresh.

And finally… a little quirk that I like about this model is the liquid dispenser drawer; on most washing machines the drawer pulls straight out but the Hotpoint WMBF944P drawer comes out at a 45 degree angle for ease of use.  This is a particularly useful feature where space is at a premium.

In short, this is machine that lives up to its hype and you don’t need to look too far to find rave reviews about this machine.  Independent online reviews for this machine are great – on Reevoo the rating is 9.1 out of 10 which is very high.

Pop into your nearest store today or buy/rent this fantastic washing machine online.  Rental is available in selected areas and is just £4.38* per week.

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