Review: LG F4J6JY1W Steam Washing Machine

LG F4J6JY1W blog lifestyle image

Take the stress out of your weekly washing schedule with a new LG F4J6JY1W washing machine.  This unit is sure to manage a large family’s weekly wash pile with ease due to its 10kg-sized drum. The 1400rpm spin speed can give you the peace of mind you need to make sure that your clothes are in the best condition for the next step of your laundry routine. Elegantly designed, this machine includes an A+++ energy rating which is everything you need to get the job done.

The machine itself is standard size, so it will easily fill a space where a current machine sits. It feels well built and has a modern and unique design with the door opening easily and closing smoothly. For ease of use, the LED panel on the front is clear and informative; giving information on time remaining, delay timer, spin speed and temperature, whilst the program dial is clear and obvious to use with indications of what will give you the best and most efficient clean.

LG F4J6JY1W Add Items

Potential buyers of the LG F4J6JY1W will be pleased to note that the Inverter Direct Drive Motor that powers the washing machine is super reliable and really quiet. Perfect for when the kids are sleeping or you desperately need some peace. In fact, LG are so confident in this machine that they’ve placed a 10-year warranty on it. This means no more costly call outs for urgent repairs so that you can spend more money on the things that matter.

Another feature is the use of SmartThinQ technology. Exclusive to LG, this enables you to add bonus programmes for those extra special garments and also allows you to interact with the machine before, after and during the wash cycle. This is also ideal for diagnostics. If there ever was a fault, you can relax knowing that it will report the problem straight to your device so that you can contact LG directly. We all know how annoying those calls to report a fault can be, but with this it will streamline the conversation (available on android only).

We all put the washing in, switch it to the program, press start and hope that’s it… until we turn around and that elusive sock that you haven’t put into the machine is staring straight at you. The handy “pause and add” feature means that you can add the item without having to wait until the end. It’s so easy; it’s almost a ‘Life Hack’.

LG F4J6JY1W Allergy Care

A machine for the whole family, the LG F4J6JY1W has been awarded the official seal of approval from the British Allergy Foundation. As a result, the 99.9% Allergy Care programme is rare but valuable. If any family member suffers from an allergy – this machine should be able to tackle it! Simply choose the program and super-disinfecting steam will sanitise the clothing.

Unique to LG, the Six Motion Direct Drive technology moves the wash drum in multiple directions, giving fabrics the proper care they need while getting your clothes ultra clean. The drum will do a swing motion like a baby’s crib, a tumble motion similar to a dryer, a stepping motion allowing the machine to lift the garments and drop them back down and a rolling motion for a continuous roll to name a few.

You may be also interested to know that this LG F4J6JY1W washing machine can also be registered for a full five-year parts and labour warranty at no additional cost, making it very affordable and very good value. This is a premium washing machine without the premium price tag.

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