Review: LG RC80U2AV2W Condenser Dryer

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Guest blog by Neil,

January, February and March are typically the coldest months of the year here in the UK.   Which means, as well as not being able to enjoy the fresh air in the garden because of how cold it is, putting your washing machine on and getting it dry can cause a few problems. British weather is fantastic isn’t it? So you need to either resort to hanging your clothes on your radiators or using some kind of clothes horse and waiting a day or so for it to dry… or you don’t.  You could get yourself a tumble dryer or, more importantly, an LG-RC80U2AV2W heat pump dryer.

Most people don’t really know what a heat pump dryer is or why they should have one.  The answer?  The biggest reason to own the LG RC80U2AV2W heat pump dryer is energy efficiency.  This particular appliance has been awarded an A+++ rating for energy usage.  In fact, it’s more energy efficient than that  – it’s just that the ratings don’t get any better.  That’s right, this heat pump is more energy efficient than the A+++ rating standard. Nice work LG.

LG RC80U2AV2W time saving

Boasting an 8kg drum size, you could easily dry all of your weekly washing without a problem.  Due to the size of the LG-RC80U2AV2W, it does come in handy for drying bedding and larger items like throws and duvets of different sizes.  There are no less than 14 programme cycles to choose from, which means whatever the washing type, jeans, shirts, sheets, towels or baby clothes, you will always find a cycle to suit your requirements. It’s a very quiet appliance too. If it’s going into a kitchen, you will be pleasantly surprised to note that you can hold a conversation without being drowned out by the dryer.

Another feature creeping into a lot of new appliances is the addition of “sensor” technology.  While not new in technology circles, this is available in most smart phones and works to sense and monitor all kinds of data. In appliances like washers and dryers, they have the ability to “see” how well your drying is doing.  If the clothes are not dry enough or are creased too much, the appliance intelligently increases or decreases cycle times and the number of drum rotations (clockwise or counter clockwise).  This dryer also has a reversible drum action that heavily reduces how much clothes are creased during the drying cycle. It should be noted that the dryer does require a proper load size to work effectively, although this shouldn’t be a problem for most families. In addition to these handy features, a timer delay option gives you the opportunity to set up your dryer so that the clothes are dry and ready to hang up when you come home from work or when you wake up.

LG RC80U2AV2W Smart ThinQ

This particular appliance has also been given a 10-year compressor and motor warranty in what is a real strong show of confidence from LG.  Even better, you still get a two-year warranty for other faults if they should occur outside of these precautions.

With a built in condensing unit, the LG RC80U2AV2W can be placed anywhere in the home without requiring a hose to vent the hot air it uses. If you’re looking for a dryer, you could choose a lot worse than this LG model.  It is great value for money , amazingly quiet and stunningly economical to run. Our team of experts can answer any questions you have at your local Hughes store or buy online for a pick up time of as little as an hour after ordering from a nearby branch with our click and collect service. Happy drying!