Review: LG UK6300 4K UHD LED TV Range

LG 43UK6300

Guest blog by Jack & Rob

Welcome to LG’s 2018 range of UK6300 Ultra High Definition LED televisions with HDR (High Dynamic Range).

Available in a variety of sizes to suit you room (43”, 49”, 55” & 65”) it offers not only fantastic value for money (which we’ll come to later) it has the flexibility of size to suit your needs.

In a world of acronyms and abbreviations, this LG TV is no different however we’ll try to explain what they mean in real terms.

Picture quality:

This fantastic range of LG TV’s incorporate the latest in IPS technologies, meaning not only do you get fantastic brightness and strong contrast levels, it also holds its own at a variety of viewing angles without losing any quality, even when being viewed up close. The screen itself contains 8.2 Million pixels (took me a while to count), which is 4x that of an HD (high definition) panel. More pixels simply mean these TVs can produce far more detail than previously possible with a HD TV.

“What’s the point in more pixels if I’m just watching BBC news in standard definition”? I hear you ask… With the UK6300 range it has the added benefit of their 4K up-scaler, taking a lower resolution picture and enhancing the picture, giving you as close to 4K quality even when in Standard Definition.

However, if you’re fortunate enough to already have Sky’s latest Sky Q box, you can maximise the full potential of Ultra High Definition straight away on your new TV. Having the highest resolution currently available you can see Formula 1, Love Island or the World Cup in truly stunning detail.

Along with the added detail, you also would benefit from the HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature, which adds a greater range of colours and colour detail all at once. To throw another term into the mix, the range also boasts LG’s Truemotion 120 digital motion enhancer, basically meaning it give you the smoothest picture, along with high detail even with fast moving scenes like football and action movies.

With all of these features coupled together you can rest assured you’re buying the very latest technology, meaning you’re as future proofed as you can currently be.

LG-43UK6300 UHD


The TVs boast a more than handy quantity of 3x HDMI sockets, meaning you can connect your Sky Q box, Blu Ray player or games console, all at once. Along with this, the TV’s have 1x composite and 2x USB sockets and an Optical socket to enable all your multimedia requirements.

Smart Functions:

There’s one thing being a Smart TV, there’s another actually being able to use it every day. With the full range of terrestrial catch-up services from BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5, within a few small clicks away, you’ll never miss that essential episode of Hollyoaks ever again. Using LG’s Web OS smart service on screen with their magic remote, really is a breeze. being able to navigate and input all the information with the aid of an on-screen cursor.

On top of this powerful internet connectivity, the TV also has Bluetooth built in, enabling you to connect soundbars wirelessly and even your mobile phone (or Tablet/iPad) to turn your TV into your music centre. TV really has come of age and you can do so much more than ‘just watch tv’ now.


Whilst still being super slim and elegant, the UK6300 has a very impressive 20-watt virtual surround setting, which enables the TV to deliver immersive surround from its simulated 7 channel processor.  If you require an even greater sound experience then not to worry, the UK6300 range has the ability to add a soundbar, soundbase or even an ATMOS surround system to compliment the TV’s stunning picture quality.

LG-43UK6300 front


The UK6300 range of TVs incorporates LGs latest ultra slim black gloss bezel, maximising your screen-to-body ratio. This ensures you get the biggest screen available to you, without dominating your room, with the flexibility of being able to stand it on its own pedestal feet (provided) or wall mount the TV using one of Peerless’ highly flexible wall mount solutions.


If you are looking for a new TV, then you really should consider this remarkably good value LG UK6300 range. Not only has it got the looks to fit in with modern living, it follows it up with a features list as long as your arm.  Buy online, use our Click & Collect to pick one up in as little as one hour or ask your local store about a demo.  In selected areas you can rent from this range for as little as £5.77 per week.