Review: LG ThinQ WK7 Smart Speaker

LG WK7 Google Assistant

Smarter than your average sound system, LG’s new Bluetooth WK7 features Google Assistant and Chromecast support in what is a speaker like no other.

A smart speaker is a wireless/Bluetooth speaker that can interact and be controlled via voice command. The LG’s WK7 in particular is extremely easy to use, just download the app, follow the instructions, say ‘Hey Google’ and you’re good to go.

The LG WK7 Speaker comes with Meridian Audio Technology; bringing together truly exceptional sound with artificial intelligence. For more than 40 years, LG and Meridian engineers have been working together to improve the quality of their products and their experts have spent hours on end optimising these speakers to produce the very best sound design. With this fantastic speaker, you can truly immerse yourself in the next dimension of crystal-clear audio entertainment.

LG WK7 abilities

The handy addition of Google Assistant can help you with the little things, like setting an alarm or setting a reminder, and can also help you with the bigger things like controlling your smart home. So long as you have a range of smart home devices, the Google Assistant feature will become the heart of your connected home without you even having to lift a finger. Just a simple voice command can make day-to-day living easier. Feeling cold? Ask Google to turn the heating up. Quite forgetful? Ask Google to set yourself a reminder. Feeling bored? Ask Google to play a game with you. These are just a few voice commands you can ask your Google Assistant.

Another great aspect of the WK7 is the Chromecast feature, this is a very small device built in to the speaker to enable you to stream music through your Wi-Fi and listen to your favourite music. Moreover, the Chromecast feature allows you to connect with other Chromecast audio devices, meaning that you can listen to music in multiple rooms – anywhere in the house.

To conclude, not only is this a fantastic speaker but it looks great too! LG’s WK7 sports a very clean appearance with only a few touch sensitive controls. The ‘F’ button stands for function and enables you to swap between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. When speaking to your Google Assistant, it will indicate it is listening to you by the illuminating lights at the front.  It is fantastic value for money and offers exceptional sound quality. I certainly wouldn’t be disappointed to get this in my Christmas stocking!

To see a full demonstration, why not visit your local Hughes store? Our friendly staff are always happy to help! This amazing smart speaker is available to buy both online and in-store and is eligible for our stellar click and collect service. Happy shopping!