Review: Medion P7331-5M98C02939 7″ Tablet with 8GB HDD

Guest blog by Steve.

If you are looking for a tablet you will be surprised by the huge range in price as well as the massive selection available.

We are selective in our range to ensure we offer a range of tablets to suit all needs and budgets. Some cheaper tablets may have issues of poor build quality, slow performance, or unreliable / limited battery life all of which can be a huge disappointment, so when I was tasked with reviewing a tablet with a price tag of less than £40 tablet, I didn’t expect great things. So, hats off to the snappily-named Medion P7331-5M98C02939 – I was extremely surprised at just how good at was and how it offers fantastic value for money.

Step one after getting out of the box is to plug it in and be patient whilst it goes through a full charge. This initially takes a long time, understandably, but stick with it as, after a few charges, the battery gets conditioned and the charge-holding time increases. There’s a reassuring red light appears to show that all is well and charging, the light then goes off after full charge and so also prevents overcharging. As with most tablets it charges by connecting to a mini USB plug which then connects to the mains adaptor (included). As with all tablets, you need to ease back on being rough and ham-fisted when connecting the plug to the unit as the plug and socket is small and quite delicate.

The 7” size is convenient to carry with you in a bag or large pocket. Personally, I would properly protect it with Vivanco TUF8BL tablet folio case; this then opens out to support the tablet for easy viewing.

So, you are now ready to have some fun! Presuming you are on wireless broadband the Medion is quickly set up for you to surf and download from the web. Simply go to settings and select to switch on wireless, your personal wireless device (router) as well as others in you location will be shown. Just select your router and put in your personal security numbers, letters and symbols.

At this point I was surprised by the screen resolution and colour saturation which show off the Android 5 operating system graphics. The responsiveness of the screen and load time of applications is also fast, using its Quad Core processor. There is a good 8GB of internal storage for applications, music and pictures and also a 1GB DDR3 RAM memory to run the operating system and applications. There is also a both a front and a rear facing 2mp camera for taking pictures and the all-important selfie.

One vital thing to remember when buying or using a tablet: after using for a while you will notice that you have left finger smudges on the screen which can be removed with one of our screen clean products to help maintain clean screens.

A tablet that performs, looks good AND costs LESS than £40? Yes, the Medion P7331-5M98C02939 does it; available in-store only, you can use our Click & Collect service to pick up this tablet in as little as one hour!