Review: Miele WCE660 Twin Dos Washing Machine

Miele WCE660 Main

Guest blog by Gary

Our own Gary, from our Cannock branch, has been checking out the Miele WCE660 Twin Dos washing machine for us. We don’t want to over-inflate his ego, but he is very knowledgeable about washing machines and shows a real passion for laundry products. Having attended many manufacturer-run product courses, including the Advanced Miele course, he’s the perfect man for the job.

Miele washing machines have a high build quality and are designed to give 20 years of average use. So, before you simply dismiss the Miele range as expensive, you need to consider that a Miele has an enamelled front – making it highly scratch-resistant – and carries a lifetime guarantee against yellowing and rust. Miele machines also have a lifetime guarantee on the door hinge and a ten year guarantee on the drums, drum shaft, bearings and its brushless motors.

The drum patterns of a washing machine are also important.  The honeycomb drum in the Miele is designed to be gentle on your laundry and the stainless steel drum paddles won’t scar like plastic ones. This may not seem important to many, but if you’ve ever suffered the frustration of laundry being ripped, found threads pulled or witnessed excessive bobbling then it will.

Miele WCE660 Drum

Many people insist they only use one or two wash programmes, but why? We don’t only have one or two types of fabric or one or two washing instructions; in fact, there are over 40 different care labels in the U.K. By choosing to use the relevant wash programme you will achieve a number of things: cleaner washing, better care of your garments (keep colours for longer, avoiding shrinking etc.) and you will achieve the maximum energy efficiencies – all whilst not overworking your machine.

One thing people do not consider before purchasing a washing machine, is the cost of the garments you will be washing. Some people come into our store wearing garments that cost more than the machine they were planning on buying, so if you have expensive coats, jeans and clothing wouldn’t you want them washed in a quality machine, on a programme designed for that item?

People often convince themselves they don’t have time to separate loads, or they try to lump garments together to fill the machine, in order to save time and money.  A wash cycle on an A+++ Miele washing machine should cost you around 15p per cycle in electricity usage. When you compare that to the cost of a garment that shrinks or fades prematurely, it seems more reasonable to invest some time into making the right choices, thereby removing the risk of damaging your expensive items.

The WCE660 has all the features listed above, in terms of build, finish and warranty, but also has a large 8Kg capacity and Twin dos technology. Twin dos is an automatic dosing system. After the washing has been accurately and automatically weighed by the machine, it will dose the laundry with the precise amount of detergent required for a perfect wash. This will prevent wasting detergents and will save you money, by stopping overdosing the wash load.

Miele WCE660 TwinDos

You can use your favourite liquid detergent in the refillable bottles, that are then loaded into the machine or you can use the slightly more expensive, but far superior, Ultra Two phase, Miele detergent. Standard detergent normally contains two enzymes, one for proteins and one for oils. With Miele’s Ultraphase system, the Ultraphase One contains five enzymes and the Ultraphase Two contains another. They are precisely dosed at exactly the right time to maximise the performance. You can of course use the detergent draw in the conventional way, should you wish.

The WCE 660 can also be controlled over Wi-Fi, via your Apple or Android mobile device. The Miele@mobile app is free to download and it allows you to set the desired programme, add any wash features, and select start or finish times. You can also check on your detergent levels so that you’re not caught out that next time you go to do a wash load. You can take control of a stained garment immediately, rather than wait till you’re home, to help out the family if the need arises.

Miele WCE660 App

All told, this is a high quality well-built washing machine that will do an amazing job with your laundry and may well work out to be the cheapest machine you’ve ever bought!  You can buy online, choose to rent for £7.85 per week or use our Click & Collect service to pick one up in as little as one hour.

If you’re still not sure and would like more information, you can pop in to see Gary in our Cannock branch or visit your local store, where our team of super-knowledgeable and friendly will be happy to help.