Review: Miele WDD020 1400 Spin 8kg Washing Machine

Guest blog by Mark.

I have always been a fan of Miele washing machines and when my current Miele machine finally gave up (after an impressive 23 years of loyal service) I had no hesitation in replacing it with another Miele. Miele washing machines are built and tested to last 20 years of normal use. They go through rigorous testing to ensure that they uphold the level of quality that customers (like me) have come to expect from Miele. I decided to go for the Miele WDD020 machine which is quite a recent addition to our Miele range.

The front of the machine has a direct enamel coating which resists scratching and chipping and will not fade in colour for the life of the machine. As part of a demonstration salespeople can attack the front of the screen with a pound coin and it will not even leave a mark let alone scratch or dent the machine. This feature is perfect for machines that are in busy households (like mine) with kids, bikes, scooters and a multitude of other things banging into it on a daily basis! The door hinge and latch are latch are really robust and again will last the life of the machine – a fact the Miele again will guarantee.

Inside it has a stainless steel inner and outer drum, the inner drum has a patented honeycomb design which will ensure your clothes stay looking good for longer. The honeycomb design is engineered in such a way that it treats clothes with the utmost respect and means that regular washing will not detract from the life of the garment.

Selecting a wash programme on the dial is so easy, as all the information is clearly labelled and easy to understand. This is coupled with the all-new touch screen display for extras such as temperature, spin speed and delay timer. Having had an older Miele washing machine I liked the layout of the programmes, and with the WDD020 this is not really a major change. The big improvement comes with the touch screen display. Rather than having to press buttons a number of times should I wish to change the temperature of the programme or change the spin speed, I simply press on the speed and temperature that I want and it is set; so simple yet so helpful!

There is a perfect range of wash programmes available to suit everyone’s needs, whether it be regular daily washes, a quick 20 minute wash done at 40 degrees centigrade or some more specialised options like shirts, dark garments or re-proofing outdoor clothing. It is also worth noting that most other machines on the market that do a quick wash do it at 30 degrees centigrade or below. This was always one of the things that I like about Miele, the ability to do a wash quickly but for it to be an effective wash at 40 degrees.

The machine also has automatic load detection so that I can be assured that the machine will use as little water and electricity as necessary while still completing a perfect wash – with the amount of washing that I get through this is also a great feature.

I’ve always prided myself on the cleanliness and look of my machine and it can’t but help prolong the life of a machine. Miele realises this, too, and have equipped the WDD020 with a self-cleaning soap dispenser and an easy-to-access pump plug, just in case you have left some loose change or something in a pocket and it finds its way down to the pump and blocks it.

Last, but by no means least, the machine is very quiet. I have an open plan kitchen so it’s great that I can have the machine on when we’re all having a family dinner. From time to time (when I’m very organised), I run the machine at night for cheaper rate electricity; it has never disturbed the kids or provided any of them with an excuse for not getting off to sleep on a school night!

All in all this machine is a top class washing machine, packed with simple but effective features that (almost) make doing the laundry a pleasure! It is robust, quiet, efficient and incredibly practical all in one so here’s to many, many years of trouble-free laundry.

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