Review: Naim MU-SO Wireless Speaker System

Naim MU-SO stock

After looking at this product in great detail, there is no denying that the Naim MU-SO Wireless Speaker System packs a powerful sound!

With six 75-watt digital amplifiers, one for each of the custom-designed speaker drivers, it is able to deliver a grand total of 450 watts of power.

It also delivers an outstanding level of bass, which is surprising from such a small cabinet. Additionally, It features a specially designed system to move large volumes of air while generating low turbulence.

The MU-SO is beautiful to look at in its modern-style with brushed stainless steel paneling and a soft, wave-molded front grill makes it blend seamlessly into any room. Perfect for those of you who match their technology with their home décor!

Its circular controller on the top of the device provides a smooth method of control with the turning of a singular ring that has its display lit from underneath. Tapping this control turns the MU-SO on and off and provides input choices, while turning the control adjusts the volume.

Naim MU-SO top

However, the device really comes into its own when using the companion app! You will find yourself never needing to use anything else! Its simple and streamlined design makes every task effortless to perform. It even outperformed Spotify’s own controller to send music to the speaker!

Another area in which it excels is the scale of sound with the Naim MU-SO producing a level of sound equal to more expensive speakers. It easily fills any room with its soaring dynamics and the airy sound field is as wide as it is tall and deep.

If it hasn’t already been emphasized, the power behind the MU-SO’s sound is astonishing and makes the device truly noteworthy. After all, it drives all songs with a sure-footed sense of rhythm, rich detail and deep rumbling bass. High notes are crisp and have the right amount of bite and there aren’t any undue sharp edges to the MU-SO’s sound. This means you don’t lose anything out of blasting songs with higher vocal tracks.

Overall, The Naim MU-SO is a seriously attractive product. Everything promised is delivered. The wireless speaker is a rare example of a product which lives up to the hype and whose spec-sheet is impeccable. Stunning looks and a powerful sound make it as close to a hi-fi sound unit that we have seen from an all-in-one unit such as this.

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