Review: Panasonic GX550 Smart 4K UHD TV Range

Panasonic GX550 4K smart TV banner

Guest blog by Sam,

This week we are reviewing the Panasonic GX550 line of 4K LED TVs. A relatively recent addition to the TV market, Panasonic has provided its loyal fan base with 4K Pro HDR technology for a much smaller price tag than some of their competitors. Available in three screen sizes (43”, 49” and 55”), this range never fails to produce a stunning picture straight from Hollywood itself. 

Sit back and relax with a bright, clear and easy to view picture complete with an ultra HD display and 4K upscaling. This is aided by the direct-LED backlighting which perfectly compliments the GX550’s other display features for optimal viewing performance. The sound quality is also helped by two 10w speakers integrated at the bottom of the TV as part of a Dolby Digital Plus sound system. That being said, as with all modern TVs, we thoroughly recommend using a soundbar or a separate audio system to compensate for the lack of speaker space in newer models.

The GX550 boasts a series of connections for all of your favourite equipment. These include an RF Aerial socket for the built in Freeview, a Composite Video / Audio IN for older DVD / VCR machines, VGA so that it can be used as a monitor, three HDMI sockets for all your HD products, two USB for your videos/photos and an Ethernet so that you can hardwire your internet for a stable connection. For audio customers, it also offers a headphone connection so that you can plug in your favourite headset for a fully immersive experience alongside an optical out for your soundbar and an ARC (Audio Return Channel) via the second HDMI port for an easy connection to a modern sound system.

Once the Panasonic GX550 is set up, you will be able to effortlessly navigate the onscreen menu system and tailor your viewing experience to your own unique preferences. You can also flick through smart content in seconds with access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, BBC IPlayer and Freeview Play. It should be noted that some of these providers are subject to a subscription that is not included with the purchase of the TV. All of the smart content previously listed will require a connection to the Internet whether it’s wirelessly via WiFi or hardwired through an Ethernet cable.

Those who like to keep their interior design in mind will be pleased to know that the GX550 has a very versatile design that can be wall mounted using a standard VESA mount. With a chic, shiny black finish, it comes with a pedestal base at its centre for placement on a display stand. This makes finding a suitable home for your new TV simple and effortless, with plenty of room underneath the display for additional audio equipment.

Overall, the GX550 series from Panasonic is a very affordable 4K smart TV range that offers everything you would need and more. With a simplistic design and navigation system, the whole family can use the TV with ease without losing precious time coming to grips with a new entertainment system. Most importantly, the GX550 does not compromise on picture quality despite belonging to a lower price bracket than some of its competitors. It brings scenes to life using useful features such as HDR and 4K upscaling to provide a great display that never falters regardless of what is showing at the time. Get your value for money with this all-rounder TV and enjoy your favourite content as the filmmakers intended today! Still haven’t made up your mind? View the full product specifications here or visit your nearest Hughes store for a friendly chat with our team of experts.