Review: Panasonic SC-ALL2 Multiroom Loudspeaker

Guest blog by Matt.

Upon opening the box, I was greeted by the stylish black finish of the Panasonic SC-ALL2 Multiroom 40w loudspeaker system with Wi-Fi, which immediately got me interested. With its very compact design, and vibrant bright white clock display, the SC-ALL2 is definitely a product to consider when looking for good audio and would make for an amazing bedside clock, too. To ensure it fits in with any décor, it’s also available in a sleek white finish.

After admiring the already appealing design I thought now was the time to crack open the sound. I found that witching it on was incredibly easy, taking only a matter of seconds to connect my phone up to it, via its very handy Bluetooth connectivity. Then, via Spotify, I listened to a few of my favourite tracks. There is one thing I would consider now and it’s that this product doesn’t go for an extreme amount of bass, unlike some rivals. That makes this speaker brilliant if you are looking for a product that will give you really good background sound. One thing that really did attract me to the SC-ALL2 was how clear and beautiful the sound really was, perfect if you just want a lovely looking speaker that gives you the standard amount of sound you need.


After listening to a few tracks I thought to myself “Great sound, now what else can it do?” I set about really getting the most out of it by creating a set up with its respective other products, the soundbars ALL7 and the ALL3. You can connect two SC-ALL2s to the soundbar of your choosing to give a deep, resonating surround sound effect while watching films or listening to music. I have to say this is available at a really good price for very good home cinema sound.

One of the major features – and one that I found the most handy – is the app from either the Google Play store or the app store from Apple which gives you the most out of the speaker for one as soon as you download the app and click on it you are greeted by a tutorial which to be honest you really don’t need, you literally find the song you want (the app syncs with all your playlists and songs) and you just press play – that’s how easy it is. It also gives you the added “I don’t need to be near it to control it” factor, which is truly amazing.

There are a lot of products on the market. Some give you lots of bass, some concentrate on the clearness of the sound, but if you’re looking for something reliable, easy to use, compact and with a beautiful display, then I recommend the SC-ALL2. I definitely think this is a product on the market to look at and definitely see it rivalling some competitors in its features. Ask your local store about a demo and hear the difference yourself.

The reliable compact: the amazing sounding SC-ALL2 is available to buy online or use our great Click & Collect service to collect in as little as one hour.*

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