Review: Roberts Radio Blutune 65 DAB/Bluetooth Sound System with iPod Dock

Guest blog by Declan.

If you’re after a compact, versatile and great sounding bedside companion (that’s equally at home in the living room or kitchen), the Roberts Blutune 65 Bluetooth Sound System is a great choice. Roberts have been making radios since 1932, so they know a thing or two about what people are looking for and the Blutune 65 is a brilliant example of a small sound system done right.

Standing 90mm high, 277mm wide and 225mm deep, this sound system can sit on any bedside table, shelf or unit, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in functionality and sound. Music is the staple in much of our life, although what we listen to and how we listen to our music varies so much from person to person, the Blutune 65 allows you to listen to your music, your way. Featuring a lightning dock for your Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad, you can now not only play your favourite music on your Apple device but this clever little device will charge it at the same time! A built-in Bluetooth receiver allows wireless connectivity, meaning you can stream music from any Bluetooth compatible device such as a tablet or smartphone. Not content with that, Roberts have also incorporated an auxiliary input for any other device, such as a laptop. Now there are no excuses not to listen to exactly what you choose to!

So what about sound quality? Well, Roberts have nailed this, too. The Blutune 65 has two front-facing speakers giving stereo sound, as well as a bass ‘radiator’ that gives warm, rich bass. Whether your taste in music is pop chart, rock, smooth classics, dance or even something slightly more niche the speaker system has the range capabilities to tackle any style of music that you throw at it, while still maintaining depth, richness and breadth. As we know, however, everyone’s ears are different, so the Blutune 65 comes with an equalizer giving you the ability to fine-tune the treble and bass to suit your listening style, or simply use the preset sound settings such as rock, pop and many others.

Lets not forget, this is not just a system to stream or play your music from your portable devices; it’s also an alarm clock radio. Featuring DAB radio (digital audio broadcasting) and FM radio – with the capability for you to store up to 20 preset stations – it is easy to switch to your favourite station whether they are local or national, in an instant. Ideally placed at your bedside, the expected alarm clock functionality is also present, with a snooze button, dual alarms and a handy adjustable backlit display for when its lights out.

Using this sound system is a pleasure; the simplicity of using the two control wheels to turn the volume up or down and a selector to seamlessly skip from station to station is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Pairing your Bluetooth device couldn’t be more straightforward; with the press of a single button you’re ready to unleash your favourite track.

The build quality is something to behold, simply sliding the button to reveal the lightning dock is positive and oozes refinement. All the buttons are easily located and the reduced layout makes the radio sleek and uncluttered.

The Roberts Blutune 65 is a prime example how 85 years of expertise, experience, care and attention to detail can produce not just a slick design with simple lines and soft curves but also something that is functional and ticks all the boxes for those with different listening habits. Whether you’re rocking out to music to get you through the housework, enjoying Sunday morning in bed with “Desert Island Discs” or simply sitting back and relaxing to relieve the stresses of the day, the Roberts Blutune 65 sound system will always be your faithful little companion.

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