Review: Samsung HW-Q80R Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

Samsung HW-Q80R header image

The HW-Q80R is the latest mid-range soundbar from Samsung, sitting just below the flagship HW-Q90R when it comes to price and technical features. The two soundbars are essentially identical with the only major difference being that there is not any rear speakers on the Q80. This means that it lacks the rear surround and overhead sound of the Q90R and is restricted to the three front, two upward and two side-firing drivers included on the soundbar.

Nevertheless, the Samsung HW-Q80R still boasts seven channels in total: three front speakers, left and right width speakers, and two upward-firing speakers for the front left and right height channels. There’s a simple LED display on the soundbar to prevent the aesthetic from looking too cluttered. The only actual controls on the soundbar are in the form of a few basic touch-sensitive buttons for power, input selection and volume at the top centre of the device.

It should be noted that the HW-Q80R uses the same updated, wireless subwoofer which is included with the superior Q90R. This new design uses a rear-port and built-in amplification, with a side-firing 8-inch driver. Care has been used by Samsung to ensure that the subwoofer finish complements that of the main soundbar and it is also extremely well made. The redesign is intended to deliver more effective bass and results in the same premium quality you would expect from a Samsung device.

Samsung HW-Q80R surround sound

When it comes to TV shows, the HW-Q80R is equally as great thanks to its dedicated centre speaker. This means that music not only sounds great, but that dialogue is clear and focused on the action. Whether watching the news, a documentary, a game show, or the sports channel, the three front channels deliver a great all-round performance. In the case of sport, the side firing drivers also add more width to the audio for a more submersive experience.

The Samsung HW-Q80R also includes several modes which will come in handy to enhance the viewing experience for the average viewer. The first of the modes which comes to mind is the ‘Adaptive Sound’ mode which can be useful in mixing content to take advantage of the extra channels and give the audio a greater presence. The ‘Game Pro’ mode will interest avid gamers in any household as it enhances game soundtracks and emphasises the effects to make the experience more effective and immersive.

All in all it’s an exceptional soundbar and you won’t do much better at that price. Of course, Samsung has done an amazing job at catering to every budget with their latest line but this is a shining example of a great piece of tech that can boost your entertainment system up a notch! To find out more, take a look at the product online or visit your nearest Hughes store for a more tailored shopping experience.