Review: Samsung HWQ60R 5.1 Channel Wireless Soundbar

HWQ60R stock image

Guest blog by Ash,

When buying a new TV, there is often one issue on everyone’s minds and that is the problem of sound. With increasingly slimmer screens, there is no longer space for a decent built-in audio system.  For most avid television users, a great soundbar is a must and the Samsung HWQ60R is bound to please in every scenario.

The first thing I’m going to mention about the HWQ60R is that the collaboration with audio specialists, Harman Kardon, is a massive standout and something to be talking about. They have always been renowned for producing high quality audio products and their association guarantees that it is tuned to perfection.

This new soundbar is packed with notable features such as its acoustic beam technology, which moves in sync with what’s on the screen. The benefit to this is that the beam technology moves the sound all around the room, immersing you further into the action. Up-firing speakers also result in an even more impressive sound by bouncing the audio off the ceiling giving you the full sound effect. The soundbar is also capable of 5.1 surround sound and has a total of eight built-in speakers alongside a powerful wireless subwoofer that can be positioned anywhere in the room.

HWQ60R gaming mode

Another great feature is the choice of modes on the device to add to the viewing experience. The adaptive sound mode accesses the on screen content to give you the best performance scene-by-scene. Meanwhile, the game mode is a winner for all videogame fanatics out there. This mode saves precious minutes of potential gameplay by automatically putting the soundbar into gaming mode when you turn your console on. This gives you the ultimate experience like you’ve never had before.

It’s also important to note that it can work alongside selected Samsung TVs to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to smart technology. By using this method, you and your family can connect your/their smartphones to the bar to enable you to play your favourite songs. So, whether it’s chill time or you’re having a summer house party, the music is just a tap away. You can also use just the one remote for the TV and soundbar for effortless use and content at just a push of a button. This is a benefit as you can reduce the usual clutter of remotes to just the one! The last thing to mention is the Samsung audio remote app that enables you to control the bar via an android smartphone or tablet. It also lets you control key functions and play your favourite songs for ease of use.

Please pop down to one of our many stores dotted around the country and have a cuppa and a chat with one of our friendly team members who will give you a full demo and get you involved in a demonstration of the HWQ60R which will blow you away.