Review: Samsung HWQ70R Harman Kardon Cinematic Soundbar

Samsung HWQ70R soundbar setup

Guest blog by Dave,

Experience a modern, cinematic sound that is truly mind blowing with the addition of the Samsung HWQ70R soundbar. Gone are the days where soundbars were big and clunky with a mediocre quality of sound, however through the evolution of technology we see today, it is a very different story. Two audio powerhouses, Samsung & Harman Kardon, have joined forces to truly bring cinema-quality sound to the home. Harman Kardon have been creating premium car speakers for over 60 years now and have brought their expert know-how to the home cinema front through the mighty Samsung HWQ70R soundbar.

This elegant soundbar delivers crisp and clear vocals via a dedicated centre channel. With ground shaking bass and perfect acoustics, its pioneering Acoustic Beam technology and Dolby Atmos / DTS X Surround Sound delivers precise audio wherever it needs to be. This ensures that you never miss the action and can create the ultimate atmosphere for your favourite TV shows and films. The Samsung HWQ70R’s wireless subwoofer means that you don’t have to worry about trailing ugly wires across the carpet to connect it all up and results in a tidy presentation that will make any interior decorator proud.

Samsung HWQ70R Surround sound soundbar

For all of the gamers out there, the Samsung HWQ70R has a dedicated ‘Game Mode Pro’ setting which automatically detects when a games console is being used and optimises the sound in real time to enhance the gaming experience. Expect enhanced speech, louder car engines and explosions galore!

Music is just as important as movies and games in the 21st century home and the Samsung HWQ70R ticks all of the boxes with added bluetooth connectivity to act as a premium home HiFi. The seamless connection from your mobile devices to the soundbar allows for a free and easy audio experience with no strings attached. Another great feature regarding connectivity is the ability to wirelessly connect your Samsung QLED TV so that there are no exposed cables from your soundbar to the TV. This is especially helpful when you’re wall mounting your TV.

The best way to experience this soundbar is to visit our branch for a demonstration where our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help & explain in further detail what the new range of 2019 soundbars has to offer. This is also a great opportunity to ask questions about our installation services to ensure your new cinema setup is running smoothly without a hitch.