Review: Samsung J5500 Series Full HD Smart TV with Freeview HD

Guest blog by Adam.

Where to start with the J5500? Well, it’s Samsung so just the name alone is synonymous with brilliant technology and premium build quality and the J5500 is no different. It comes in a variety of screen sizes from 32” through to a 55” screen (view the whole Samsung TV range here – from 24” screens to 65”), so no matter the size of the room you need a TV for, there’s an option in this great range. Budgets are well catered for, too with rental starting from less than £4 per week!

Testament to the build quality is the unfortunate number of times the remote has been dropped, gummed or generally manhandled by over enthusiastic toddlers in the store and a few times and I’ve watched people idly flicking the battery cover off and on. We certainly don’t recommend this but I can say it hasn’t broken!

The J5500, with its 5mm bezel and only being 50mm deep, manages to achieve a very simple, clean, modern look (that doesn’t come with the huge price tags of some other sets), with no plastic casing in sight. Effortlessly stylish, this TV is understated when on – never drawing your eyes away from the action – but pleasing on the eye when it’s switched off in the corner of your room.

j5500-2The screen with its 1920×1080 resolution and 400Hz refresh rate is boasting some impressive numbers and behind-the-scenes technology like its “Wide Colour Enhancer”, “Mega contrast” and “Micro Dimming Pro”work together to create a fantastic picture; all capable of giving you rich blacks and a very dynamic range with lots of contrast and shadows. In short, it’s all dramatically improving the quality of any image you’re watching, even uncovering hidden details not seen before. Whether you’re watching through the built-in Freeview antenna or from a service like Sky TV, you’ll find amazing picture quality.

Gamers like me will love this TV, too. From time to time I’ve been known to pick up an Xbox controller for ten minutes (or thereabouts) and in this era of superb graphics and fast paced action I’ve been impressed with how the TV kept up, keeping motion blur and lag to a minimum – it was unnoticeable!

Their Quad Core processor is certainly helping things in the “Smart” department, shaking off any sluggishness that might slow you down! You’ll notice the extra speed from the start when flicking between different content streams or when browsing the internet; it’s a much smoother experience than I’d previously been used to!

j5500-youtubeZipping through smart hub menus is now as easy as navigating on your mobile phone or tablet, thanks to the remote with its dedicated Tizen software and “Smart Hub” button. This simple system makes it intuitive enough for any technophobes to work out, but second nature for the initiated.

All the major apps are present, from streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, Vevo and YouTube. If gaming’s more your thing, Samsung’s app store has got you covered, from the on-demand streaming services “GameFly” and “PlayStation Now” or if you’re more of an “Angry Birds” fan you’ll find that here, too – and much more besides. There’s plenty for the kids too, with a whole host of educational games and apps to keep them occupied, controllable through the remote or any Bluetooth game pad. All of this content is through the built in Wi-Fi chip, meaning you can access these apps and services anywhere in the house where there’s a Wi-Fi connection. No Wi-Fi in some parts of the house? Then check out our range of Wi-Fi extenders and say goodbye to Wi-Fi blackspots!

j5500-4j5500-3Samsung have been pretty generous with connections on the back, with 3x HDMI (ARC & HML/DVI), 2xUSB, RGB, headphone (out), optical and ethernet connections (for those hard to reach Wi-Fi areas). This allows you to connect up your Sky boxes, games consoles, Blu-ray players, security cameras and sound bars without the need for splitters and having more unnecessary cables behind your TV; not only does it look good, it makes it hassle free, too!

Speaking of hassle free, the J5500 comes with Samsung’s TV Sound Connect and multi-room link. This is a cracking piece of tech that allows the TV to connect any compatible Samsung soundbar and subwoofer, wirelessly! This opens up a whole host of possibilities for a home surround sound system – without the miles of cabling that we’ve been used to in the past!

In conclusion, Samsung have done a fantastic job with the J5500. With its unobtrusive, stylish looks but powerful insides it makes it a cracking purchase for the money! Find out more about buying, renting or financing online or contact your local store and ask about a demo. If you’re not sure about the right TV size for your room or you want to make sure you have the right sound package or cinematic set up then speak to our friendly Smart Home team. They will offer you a free, no obligation in home visit and advise you on making your home work smarter!