Review: Samsung JU6000 Series Smart Ultra HD LED TV

Guest blog by Sam.

The JU6000 series sports a quad core processor for effortless online tasks and makes multi-tasking on the smart hub more flawless and the ability the upscale to Ultra HD (4K) via Samsung’s innovative upscaling technology. The picture quality and motion on screen is measured at 800 PQI (picture quality index) which means it looks incredible.

This TV also has Freeview HD which allows you access to 5 HD channels and 50 normal channels without paying for subscription to any other services.

This TV is what I would call a fantastic all-rounder!


What is 4K? 4K is marketing lingo; in the TV retail industry it’s called Ultra HD. Ultra HD is 4x better quality than normal 1080p and therefore shows incredible colour and pinpoint accuracy, with detail and clarity like never before seen on a TV for the last 12 years since LCD has been about. In total there are 8 million pixels as supposed to 2 million pixels in 1080p.

Effectively its 3840 x 2160 lines as supposed to 1920 x 1080 lines; to make things simple here is a simplified example:


This TV comes in 3 sizes, 40”, 48″ and 65” ranging from £399.99 and £999.99 respectively*.

This Samsung 4K Smart TV ticks quite a lot of boxes for customer needs. It has 3 HDMI sockets for easy connectivity; 1 of these HDMI sockets has ‘ARC’ connection (Audio Return Channel) which is fantastic for adding a Samsung soundbar for one-remote connectivity . It also offers 2 USB sockets, an optical socket and has full Wi-Fi built in, so no need for a separate dongle. However, if you prefer a more stable connection there is a LAN connection on this model as well. It has the ability to show 4K content either by Netflix or YouTube or Amazon’s Instant Video service (via fibre internet connection).

ju6000-4The design of the JU6000 is very minimal and offers the Y-feet design, which allows for better stability. Built into the TV is an eco-sensor to optimise the best setting for the lighting in the room.

To use the host of SMART features you simply need to create an account or login via a Facebook account. Once you have done this you can download more applications than you know what to do with and with has an ever-growing platform for gamers you can download darts, real football, Sky Chaser and the retro classic Tetris, to name but a few. On the subject of gaming, another great game app is Gamefly streaming; this allows you to play games with a gamepad (either a PS4 controller or Xbox 360 controller) which gives you another dimension to gaming.

ju6000-6Not into gaming? Well, with easy access to Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 5 On Demand just to name a few, you won’t be short of great content to view. This TV has a full web browser allowing simple access to other online services like internet radio via the apps store.

To make your TV look even better we stock a great range of stands to match your décor; we particularly like this Tech Link Panorama PM160B.

Once set up (on a beautiful display stand) you’ll find that using this TV is very simple with the simple design remote control and the large buttons on display.

ju6000-5This TV has some other handy features like the sports mode setting that enables you to zoom in or magnify a certain part of the broadcast and enhances the picture quality; ideal for any sport program.

Another great feature worth mentioning is the ability to send and share photos and videos with the TV via the Samsung Allshare app. This allows you to share what’s on your mobile device, but also digital TV both ways to the TV or to your mobile device, via Wi-Fi. On the go in your house wherever the Wi-Fi can reach, so can the content. In some houses the garden or dens are reachable, but if your Wi-Fi struggles to reach all around your home then we have the solution in the form of Wi-Fi extenders. Particularly popular is the TP–Link EAP120 which we also sell for £99.99*. This great device will boost the capability and reach of your existing Wi-Fi.

ju6000-3This TV, with Samsung’s innovative design and picture quality, will suit anyone – from those who want it as their main TV or even as a dedicated games room TV. It’s also a great step for a ‘Home Cinema’ set up in the home. This TV is what I would call a jack of all trades as it does everything you want (and more) at a great price.

The 65” UE65JU6000 retails for £999.99* or if you prefer, you can rent this TV for £55 p/m. This TV offers a large amount of features and design for a great price. The 4K resolution keeps the TV modern for longer and more future proof.  Where else could you find a 65” that costs so little, with 4K with Smart features from a brand as good as Samsung?

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*prices shown correct at time of publication.