Review: Samsung UE32M5520 32″ LED TV

Samsung UE32M5520 LED TV

Guest blog by Tom

If you are after a stylish 32” TV that gives you access to all of your favourite Smart apps and Freeview channels, then this the Samsung UE32M5520 is the set for you. The polished and refined design brings a clean look and feel to wherever you place it. The bezel is a gun-metal colour which looks and feels premium, not cheap or flimsy. The cross-style pedestal has a brushed steel look to it and would fit neatly in both modern and traditional settings. Not only are you getting great Freeview channels, but thanks to the built in Freeveiw HD tuner, you can also view them in High Definition with no extra charges or subscriptions.

The UE32M5520 is an LED TV, using less power than the conventional LCD TV’s. It also means you get brighter, clearer pictures because of the LED technology. Samsung’s Micro Dimming Pro effectively divides the screen into hundreds of incredibly small zones and then analyses each one individually before adjusting the brightness, sharpness and colour so your bright images in a dark scenes will look even more amazing. Samsung’s clever Contrast Enhancer lets you see images with more depth and manages to bring flat images to life by applying various levels of depth to different areas of the screen. By doing this, it lets you feel like you can see deep into the forests and canyons of your favourite nature documentaries. You get a natural colour experience, allowing you to dive – metaphorically – into your TV entertainment, seeing the colours of nature in detail.

Thanks to the Wide Colour Enhancer Plus, you witness a wider spectrum of colour on the screen, allowing you to enjoy enriched colours just like the director intended, even on older, non-HD content so, no matter what you watch, you’ll get the best picture possible.

The Samsung UE32M5520 is full HD 1080p too, so you can enjoy all of the quality of a Blu-ray disc on a Blu-ray player. And with Samsung’s Ultra Clean View, all of your standard definition content won’t look blurry.

The new and improved Smart Hub lets you see all of your smart content in one place, by gathering a variety of content for you on one screen. This gives you easy access to different content providers like Amazon Video, Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer and many more and gives you a thumbnail preview before you dive in. You can even browse content and control your TV from your Smart phone (model dependent and app required).

Oh, and you needn’t worry about cables connecting it to your router: it’s got Wi-Fi! This means that you can connect to the internet without using any cables (although you can still connect with an Ethernet cable if you want to). If you struggle to get good Wi-Fi where your smart TV is, you could always try a power-line adapter that uses the electrical wiring in you walls. These work like a very long Ethernet cable, but inside your wall cavity.

There is no need to worry about complicated new technology, as there’s a built-in manual in the TV. This gives you the answers to all of your questions, as well as a “try it now” feature which jumps you straight to the menu you can personalise to make the set more personal to you.

Now, let’s talk connections: there are 3 HDMI ports. That’s plenty for games consoles, Sky, Blu-Ray players etc. The 2 USB sockets are more than enough for playback of your favourite stored content. Samsung have even ensured that older equipment can still be connected with the composite input (red, white and yellow) or with the component (blue, red and green).

Although it has a not inconsiderable 20 watts RMS sound output, a Samsung soundbar will always sound better which you can connect with either the optical port or the audio return channel on one of the HDMI’s.

Limited for space? Why not hang it on the wall? The distance between the mounting holes is 100 mm x 100mm. There are a variety of styles of bracket that would accompany this set. With its wide viewing angle, you could put it flat to the wall and still have a great picture or, for a better viewing experience, there are tilt and pivot brackets available too.

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