Review: Samsung UE43NU7020 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

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Guest blog by Adam,

After having some hands on time with the Samsung UE43NU7020 TV, I can confidently say that it will not fail to impress even the harshest critic – particularly when considering it’s affordable price. Although we stock the whole range, covering other models like the 7120 and 7400, this model is an excellent entry into Ultra HD (UHD) with High Dynamic Range (HDR).

The addition of HDR works to bring out extra detail in areas which standard panels cannot. This is especially noticeable when watching indoor scenes set with low lighting. A standard set would have an almost completely black area in the corner of a dark room but have nice bright detail near a light. With HDR, there is more apparent detail in the shadows, therefore bringing more detail to the picture – regardless of whether you are watching a 4K UHD picture or not. The next advancement in HDR technology, HDR 10+ makes sure every scene is precisely optimized for colour, contrast, and the finest details and is also worth a look if you are buying a TV to last.

These days, UHD is a common but essential feature of modern TVs. The Ultra HD feature provides a certified level of picture quality, promising pure colours, sharp contrasts and the brightness you would expect from the latest 4K resolution standards. With UHD the whole family can appreciate better shadow detail and more accurate colour while UHD dimming technology also independently adjusts tone, brightness and sharpness for the optimum image.

Using the Smart Hub, great UHD content is available on BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Prime making you spoilt for choice. Resident technophobes will be pleased to note that the smart hub menu is incredibly easy to navigate with content available within a few clicks of the remote. This in itself is a major draw, as previous smart sets have been clever but difficult and cumbersome to use. This is certainly no longer the case with many customers commenting on how easy and methodical the menu system is. It is definitely a strength of buying into the Samsung brand.

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As per usual, sound quality is acceptable however, as with all thin modern TVs, it is lacking in punch. A sound bar may be an essential accessory if you like your movies or video games. On a little side note, this Samsung UE43NU7020 TV doesn’t have a headphone jack or scart socket. This is something to consider if you want to connect older equipment or listen with headphones.

Aesthetically, as you would expect from Samsung, it’s a stylish set. It is nice and thin with a small frame and a minimalistic design from every angle that has been crafted with the highest quality materials.

To summarise, the Samsung UE43NU7020 is a well-rounded TV and at its current price point it blows many of its competitors out of the water. Yes, there are better TV’s… but in this price bracket I would definitely consider this TV the best value for an Ultra HD 43” TV. If your current TV is ‘non’ UHD and you were wondering whether or not you should upgrade to a newer set – it really is worth it. Even if you’re not watching any UHD content, or if your current set up of devices is ‘yesteryear’, you can still benefit from HDR and the extra contrast that this set can offer.

What are you waiting for? Come in to your local branch and see a full demo by our team of experts. If you don’t need any more persuading and are eager to get started, the UE43NU7020 Samsung TV is available to buy online and is eligible for our click and collect service for pick up from a nearby store from as little as an hour after ordering.