Review: Samsung UE49NU8000 UHD TV

Samsung UE49NU8000 header

Guest blog by Ricky

The Samsung NU8000 range is one of Samsung’s premium UHD TV ranges. It’s available in 49” 55” 65” 75” and 82” so any size to suit whatever room it’s to be located in.  This TV is one of my favorites as it has everything you could want from a modern TV: incredible pictures and a host of features.

The technology put into the picture has allowed the Samsung NU8000 TV bring all your favorite shows and films to life.  It is Ultra HD certified running HDR10+ meaning you get all your UHD shows and films exactly as the maker intended.  The colours are beautiful due to the dynamic crystal colour delivering picture perfect results every time and with the stunning contrast and great refresh rate it gives you an amazing viewing experience.

The slim bezel and stylist pedestal stand makes this TV look lovely no matter what your environment looks like and with the cable management built in the pedestal stand you can hide those unsightly cables from view.   If you’re looking to wall-mount it you can with ease as it has standard Vesa fitting and will look amazing and minimalistic in any room.

SAM-UE49NU8000 side view

The Samsung smart hub is so simple and fast that it’s a delight to use. You can pick and choose what appears there so it’s faster to find what you’re looking for whether it’s your Blu-ray or Netflix.  When you highlight your chosen app a pop-up menu giving you options available on that app (e.g. Netflix).

The smart remote you get with this TV is so simple and easy to use, the home button brings up the smart hub were you will find all your TV’s inputs, apps and settings. The smart remote can also control you external devices like a SKY Q box thanks to the Smart hub meaning ONE remote to control them all!

The intelligent voice assistant now enables you to interact with your TV and use your voice to control what you watch – and more besides. Pressing the dedicated microphone button on your Premium One Remote Control allows you to control a whole host of features on the NU800. You can simply ask it to change channel, volume or even search YouTube for the latest viral sensation and it’ll happen, instantly, without you having to lift a finger!

Samsung have also loaded it with connections like 4x HDMI ports, 2x USB, twin HD satellite and twin HD terrestrial, and it’s equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

SAM-UE49NU8000 main shot

The 4 HDMI ports come in very handy as UHD content is not currently available on terrestrial TV, you can get it direct on the TV through Netflix or Amazon prime but other ways to get your UHD require the use of HDMI ports like 4k Blu-rays, Sky Q and games consoles.

4K Blu-Ray players let you watch the latest films in the stunning quality they want you to see (this will also help improve the quality of you old DVD’s). Sky Q also gives you UHD content like sports which with the TV’s technology will give you incredible detail and smooth motion.

Then there is gaming on the latest console’s like a PS4 Pro so you get vivid game play which will immerse you into the game, the TV also has an auto game mode which gives minimal input lag and smooth motion perfect for all gamers.

Having the 4 HDMI ports means you can have all of these connected at the same time giving you choice on what you want to do with your TV.

SAM-UE49NU8000 reverse

The built in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi makes life easy as it allows you to connect to the internet with ease and allows for an array of add-ons to be connected wirelessly like sound bars and headphones, showing content from a mobile phone is a breeze as well, just find the ‘Cast to’ option on your mobile device and your TV will be listed there just click and it will appear on the big screen, whether it’s a YouTube video or personal photographs so you can show the off to friends and family.

The TV also comes loaded with Samsung smart things which allows you to keep your smart devices connected. SmartThings enables the TV to connect to various smart home devices, from your fridge to your mobile, for seamless interaction.

Compatible devices and appliances are easily controlled and monitored through your TV with your SmartThings App, like doorbells, washing machines, fridge freezers, Speakers, lights and many more.

Samsung UE49NU8000 SmartThings

Know what’s on the go without leaving your TV. Get pop-up messages on your TV, with status updates for home devices, calendar reminders, and notifications when your favorite content is on. You can even get notifications on your mobile.

The Samsung smart hub has a massive array of apps available from video to social media, it comes with all the normal catch up services like BBC, ITV, 4OD and 5OD. Loads of streaming Inc. the much loved Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and Spotify.

Games are also available to stream, giving you even more content on your TV.

Some of these require subscriptions and some are free giving you the choice on what you want on this TV.

This TV is a fantastic premium TV and gives you everything you want if you’re not stretching your budget to a QLED!

 Buy online, rent from just £9.69 per week or ask your local store about a demo.