Review: Samsung WD90J6A10AW Washer Dryer

Samsung WD90J6A10AW ecobubble washer dryer

The WD90J6A10AW washer dryer by Samsung is a star player in our laundry range! With ecobubble technology, it is bound to become a 2019 must have! Boasting a 9kg wash load, this unit has an A energy efficiency rating, includes a 10-year warranty and has an elegant design that will seamlessly blend into your home.

One of the many fantastic features this washer has in its arsenal is an intensive stain removal programme to tackle the toughest of spills. By the touch of a button, and the aid of Samsung’s unique bubble soak technology, it can remove a variety of stubborn stains and spills. The Samsung WD90J6A10AW also includes unique, cool wash technology for even greater energy savings, while its ecobubble technology mixes air, water and detergent to create bubbles that penetrate your clothes faster, helping you wash at cooler temperatures, again saving money on bills. Another amazing feature is the 15-minute quick wash programme, which uses powerful jets of water to reduce the wash time making it particularly convenient when you are short of time and need to wash up to 2kg of your clothing. Perfect for quickly cleaning office wear on busy weeknights!

Samsung WD90J6A10AW lifestyle

With support at your fingertips, the automatic error monitoring system detects and diagnoses problems at an early stage providing quick and easy troubleshooting solutions using a smartphone app. This saves you time in the long run and avoids the unnecessary cost and inconvenience of emergency engineer call outs… not to mention the risk of expensive repair bills.

That being said, this machine is built to last! A quiet digital inverter motor gives a long lasting, reliable performance with less noise, less vibration and less wear and tear. It’s important to also note that the eco drum clean function works to keep the drum and door glass clean and hygienic using hot water and a high-speed spin cycle. This boosts its eco friendly potential as well as saving you money on detergent! The design of the Samsung WD90J6A10AW washing machine also takes the care of your clothes into consideration. With an innovative diamond-embossed drum design, clothes are protected and prevented from snagging while a cushioning layer of water adds an extra level of care to your laundry.

Samsung WD90J6A10AW stock image

Overall, the Samsung WD90J6A10AW washer dryer will give your clothes the ultimate level of care and protection that you can ask for without breaking the bank with sky high bills. Families will be pleased to note that the large 9kg drum (there is also a 6kg version available) will be no trouble for the mountain of laundry medium-sized households can accumulate. Getting the best of both worlds, the brilliant bubble-soak option is perfect for tackling stubborn stains for households with children while the super speed option is perfect for people who are constantly on the move and don’t have time to be waiting around.

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