Review: SEBO X7 Boost ePower Vacuum Cleaner with S-Class Filter

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With a 10-metre lead and a maximum power output of 1100w, the Sebo X7 Boost is man enough for the biggest of household cleaning tasks. Sand in the hallway? No Problem! Biscuit Crumbs in the children’s bedrooms? An easy fix! Coffee Granules on the kitchen floor? Effortless clean up! The Sebo is always hungry for more. With a B-classed energy rating, you could hoover your house for an hour a week over a year for less than the cost of a takeaway pizza and still clean up those crumbs that are left behind.

With a SEBO sealable high filtration bag, an anti-allergy hospital grade S-class filtration can be achieved! This means that the exhaust air from the vacuum is actually cleaner than before it went in. To meet the S-CLASS standard, the filtration system has to remove a minimum of 99.97% of particles of 0.3 microns during testing. The SEBO S-CLASS system is guaranteed to remove 100% of particles of 1 micron and above. For reference, dust mite faeces are approximately 10 microns. This is why the British Allergy Foundation insists that bags are better. Replacement filters are easily accessible and three-layer micro filter bags ensure that your vacuum’s performance is not degraded by the build up of dust that bagless cleaners and those with washable filters may suffer from.

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Established in Germany in 1977, Sebo know a thing or two about cleaners. With years of experience in making quality vacuum cleaners, they are so confident with their build standards that they back their products with a five-year guarantee at no extra cost.

The Sebo X7 Boost has a computer controlled brush height adjustment system for optimum cleaning performance that remains unique to SEBO. Thanks to the addition of a searchlight, dirt has nowhere to hide! Even better, vacuuming the whole house is no longer a gruelling weekly mission, with the help of Sebo’s on-board tools and an extendable 1.5m hose to help you painlessly stretch to those hard to reach areas.

In the event of you loosing a lego brick in the cleaner or getting your phone charger wrapped around the brush bar, then the easy release mechanism will come in handy. This, alongside the spring-loaded inspection flap on the underside of the cleaner, will ease your pain.

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