Review: Sony BRAVIA AF8 KD55AF8BU OLED Smart 4K UHD TV

Say hello to Sony’s second generation AF8 OLED TV, with deep blacks, impressive picture motion, great sound and a sleek and slim design that’s packed full of features – there’s plenty to love about this set. What’s even better, it has been awarded ‘Which? Television July 2018 Best buy’.

Let’s start with style – Sony has opted for a bezel-less design, allowing you to go for that bigger screen size without taking up more space in your living room. It features a slim, single foot design, giving the illusion that the TV was built for your TV stand or cabinet. If you are sick of seeing trailing cables from your connected equipment, this design is perfect for you as it ensures that no cables can be seen, keeping your living space looking clutter free. It can almost be mistaken for a piece of sculpture!

The picture – Being a 4K OLED TV, the AF8 provides its viewers with the deepest of blacks, helping to create breath-taking night sky scenes where every star is visible, to atmospheric and edge of your seat moments from your favourite horror films. Deep black levels are one thing to give you a wow-picture, but you also need plenty of colour and vibrancy to bring your favourite television programmes right into your living room. Sony’s triluminous display allows the TV to reach over a billion shades of colour, giving an as-close-as-possible likeness and accuracy to the image you are watching and making you feel a part of the action. Not only that, but with HDR (high dynamic range) technology all of these key features of the AF8 are brought together to give stunning contrast levels and enabling a flawless attention to detail that many other conventional 4k TVs miss out on. Don’t panic about missing a single moment to blur either, this television comes with Sony’s premium X extreme processor, which features ‘x-motion clarity’, ‘x-tended dynamic range’ and ‘x-wide angle’ so no matter where you sit, no matter what you watch, whether its sport or your favourite soap, this will give you the best image possible.

Sound – We have covered how good the picture quality is on this TV, but what about the sound? No one likes tinny sound, especially when you have image quality as good as this. Sony have the solution, it’s called ‘acoustic surface’, in simple terms; the screen itself is the speaker. With three actuators vibrating to make the sound come directly out of the TV panel, projecting it out into the room, and if that wasn’t enough, two subwoofers are placed in the back to give you deep (but not too deep) bass, helping to bring your viewing experience to life.

Features and connectivity – The best thing about most TV’s nowadays is the ability to watch what you want, when you want, with ‘on demand’ services. The AF8 is no exception, however Sony have gone one step further with their Android TV operating system! Simply connect this TV to WIFI or hard wire via the Ethernet port and a world of catch up services await. Featuring all major terrestrial catch up services, from BBC iPlayer, ITV HUB and even UKTV, along with games to keep the children entertained, and 16GB storage space to store your favourite photos to show your friends. Another key feature of this Android TV is its compatibility with your android or IOS phone to simply send over pictures and videos, or continue to watch your favourite YouTube vlog from your phone to the big screen. Along with 4 HDMI inputs, for your satellite, blu-ray player, games console or soundbar, there is an ample amount of inputs to ensure you get the best out of the AF8.

The AF8 is available in two screen sizes (55” and 65”) which makes it safe to say, bigger can definitely be considered better when the image quality from this set is second to none. Make sure you pop down to your local store to see this stunning set and bring the cinema to your living room.

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