Review: Sony MHC-V42D High Power Audio System

Guest blog by Carl,

This home audio system from Sony is perfect for setting a real party atmosphere at home, whether it’s for a summer BBQ or a small function like a kids party. The club-style lights that Sony use in this competitively compact audio system will get everyone in the mood to party, but paired with Sony’s high quality audio, it will get everyone up and dancing.

Easy to use, Bluetooth connectivity makes the Sony MHC-V42D a one-size-fits-all piece of tech, allowing everyone to simply pair their phone and play their favourite tunes. It also offers multiple connectivity options including CDs, USB ports for flash drives, and even a feature for good old-fashioned karaoke so that you and your friends can embarrass yourselves in style!

The relatively compact design makes it easy to move from room to room and you can even set it up outside for when the weather is nice and you want to laze around in the sunshine. The system can also be used with more speakers, if required, via the audio out-port to make even more of an impact.

The easy to use touch control on the top of the Sony system is so simple even my granddad could use it. It is safe to say that with two built-in tweeters, two mid-range and a subwoofer, the Sony MHC-V42D is definitely not lacking on quality. It also includes four different DJ function sound effects to allow you to create crowd-roaring effects, distort audio, and isolate a frequency among many other cool additional features.

Plus, you can use the Sony audio system to produce premium audio on your favourite movies by connecting it up to your TV and playing your DVD’s through the system to create an immersive movie experience like no other. This enables you to listen to every scene in ultra-realistic detail and, with the HDMI output, it makes it as easy to do as 1, 2, 3.

Overall, the Sony MHC-V42D all-in-one audio system does exactly what most would want it to do! The only negative thing that could be said about this unit is that it doesn’t have a built-in radio, although it should be noted that you could stream radio to it by using the Bluetooth feature. For more information on this party pleaser, take a look at the product online here or pop into your nearest Hughes store for a full demonstration by our friendly team of electrical experts.