Review: Sony SRSX11L Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Guest blog by Gareth

While these speakers are a compact size, the sound is anything but. These Sony SRSX11L speakers pack a considerable punch, enough to listen to your favourite tunes for up to 12 hours, if you so wished. The size and Bluetooth connectivity means they can easily be taken along wherever you’re headed*, without taking up any room.

The whole design for the speakers is the easy ability to move these anywhere (within the 1 to 3 metres of the Bluetooth device channelling the music, of course). This is brilliantly done with the hard-wearing silicone design and helpful silicone strap to ensure drops are kept to a minimum, unless its bass drops – they’re completely intentional. With a 12 hour battery life they are well equipped for any long journey ahead.


The speakers are each kicking out an impressive 10w each, not bad for a speaker 2.4” high and 2.4” wide, wouldn’t you agree? If bass is something that’s important to you, you’ll be pleased to know it is not sacrificed in these speakers. Containing dual passive radiators it allows for the ‘boom’ to come out.

The multiple connection options with these speakers encourage link up in so many ways. Bluetooth is the primary function; with most phones, tablets and computers/laptops having the same technology, belting out your favourite ballads while you sing into the nearest spherical object was never so easy and satisfying. However, if Bluetooth wasn’t a path you’d be interested in going down, there is also an app to simplify the whole process called NFC (or Near Field Communication). Although it still uses Bluetooth, it makes the pairing and arranging much simpler. If you’re more of a ‘wires’ person, it can also be connected with a 3m jack.

Untitled-1If paired with a mobile phone, it can become a very loud speakerphone (for that reason, I’m not recommending it for any private chats, due to sheer volume!) There is a helpful button that will allow you to answer an incoming call on any paired phone, or if need be the same button can be used to end the call.

In conclusion, if it’s starting a party on a train, or just sharing your music collection with everyone in your household or even broadcast a telephone conversation, the easy connection and decent volume will make all the above mentioned a walk in the park.

Disclaimer: the speakers can’t make any bad music choices better, just louder and clearer.

Read more or buy here or find your local store and ask about a demo.

*unless you’re headed into the pool, sea or shower.